2024 Tan Lines OK Dinghy World Championship, RQYS, Brisbane

Hi all, as you can see, the okdia website got a visual rework.

It took a while to get the settings right, and we are still working on the rebranding of the website.

You can still get to the previous website with content ’til early 2024 if you go to legacy.okdia.org

At the time of writing, there is still a lot of content only on the legacy pages, but we will move all content to this new layout over time.

We hope that the new pages will allow for better viewing of the content on all devices, easier access to the content you are looking for and a better reach to the public with information about our class.

Of course the content still depends on competitors and organisers to send in racing information, so please go on doing so. Also if you find links and pages on this new site not working properly, it will likely be an oversight by us, so please let us know. Same for good deal to make the pages even more useful: are you looking for a certain category we forgot to set up, is there certain type of information which should be more prominently displayed in the homepage – any suggestions will be considered.

The legacy ones were online and grew in size since close to a quarter of a century – and they were the second design evolution. okdia.org is around since the beginning of the web in the 90’s and the site has a lot of content by now, so we are proud of the content we can provide and will be going on trying to keep people as informed as possible.

But for now: have fun with the new pages and explore the new possibilities of getting to the content you are looking for.

Peter Scheuerl