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Grand Prix 1998

Albert Park Lake, Melbourne

March 08.-09.

Well it was on !! Forget the worlds , Vic's and Nationals - this was the jewel in the crown for every competitor. Roger (the current Victorian and World Champion) was the hot favourite to scoop the pool, but there were 11 other hungry OK dinghy sailors keen to snaffle the highly prised title.

The Grand Prix Regatta is held during the Australian Grand Prix on the salubrious waters of Albert Park Lake. The race track surrounds the lake. Close racing on the water topped off with festivities off the water. All interstate competitors are welcome and we will arrange a boat for you if you would rather not bring your own. Be there next year - just give us a few weeks notice.

The Grand Prix Racing is very civilised these days - racing on the weekend only, afternoon racing only and still a four day Grand Prix pass - Jeff Kennett must truly love OK Dinghy sailors.

Day 1 - 3 Races
Wind 15 Knots - Clear blue skies
Back to back racing for all three heats and each race lasting about 30 minutes.
Very close racing coursing eager competitors to take risks if behind. Paul Richards & Peter Milne had a swim on the run in race two ending their chances for the title.
Highlights - Jaemie Wilson's sail on the gybing going through Chocko's boom - Chocko claiming after he gave enough room.

Day 2 - 2 Races
Wind 12 Knots - Clear blue skies
Back to back races and each race taking about 35 minutes.
Peter Milne broke under the immense pressure from Paul Richards (see picture next Page) who was closing in on him and had a swim on the run in the first race handing the lead over to Roger Blasse who went on to win the race.
Highlight - The entire Australian Air Force (1 plane) doing a few aerial laps then flying directly upwards at one hell of a speed.
The 14 foot skiffs again had some great stacks and the experts (OK sailors post racing) at the Point Restaurant were full of advice after a few beers.
Beer frenzy after the racing - Carl Schmidt now banned from Topolino's Pizza Parla after an eating disorder incident. Pete Milne falling asleep and Roger Blasse over come by his greatest victory unable to successfully sit on a chair.

Paul Richards

1Roger Blasse
2Carl Schmidt
3Mark Fisher
4Peter Jackson
5Peter Milne