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Euro Cup 2002

Medemblik, Netherlands

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17 - 24 August

Only 38 Boats attended at the Euro Cup.
The organization was, as expected, perfect, with Erik Vliegenhart, OK Sailor himself, as Race officer on the water.
Despite the light and shifty winds, all races were held in more or less fair conditions and courses were perfect.
The goal of 70 minutes racing was missed by the first boat by only 2-3 minutes every race, even if the conditions changed a lot during some races.
The strongest breeze during the week was a 15.4 knot gust.
Due to short breaks between the race, to sail three races a day was no problem at all.
Tuesday was no racing as the wind never filled in, Friday only two races as there was very light wind.
Many sailors apreciated the format of 15 scheduled races, but were not sure if that's the right format for upcoming Worlds.

The absence of an on-the-water-jury led to some pumping and rocking, especially in these lighth conditions, so it seems like on-the-water-judging is mandatory for events like this, even if the top guys seemed to sail within the rules.
So an Internationla Jury in the OK is less for Protests (as we know) as for the yellow Flag.

1GBR 2110Nick Craig19.00131511113321
2BEL 44Bart Bomans31.00536223121414
3POL 14Pawel Pawlaczyk37.002511532311132
4GBR 2106David Carroll63.00173447111510412
5DEN 1280Jørgen Lindhartsen70.0049103ocs4291289
6GBR 2101Terry Curtis78.009676827949515
7GER 624Thomas Glas103.00111214181029577136
8SWE 2746Thomas Hansson-Mild106.007230ocs5920221910
9GER 705Peter Holzwarth115.00342ocs1417171852114
10GER 718Peter Scheuerl119.00201813861214516267
11GER 717Oliver Gronholz122.0018111971310819111411
12GBR 2059Peter Turner134.00171017131115616171613
13GER 642Ralf Mackmann140.00261311026111821dnf113
14GER 725Christian Hartmann141.0082792219211326878
15SWE 99Hans Elkjær152.002223251617810821621
16GBR 2085Gavin Waldron154.0015161621916196202216
17NZL 7Greg Wilcox155.00162227117616131324dnf
18GBR 2054Andy Turner157.00614152512192512191817
19GER 632Fabian Gronholz163.0019242114181315246924
20GBR 2045Will Turner171.0028ocs1820ocs1471018125
21POL 20Mateusz Wojewski172.001488302025429311519
22POL 65Janusz Stobinski184.00102141923222830291018
23GER 688Dirk Dame204.003030261215242314142026
24GER 680Jan Dietmar Dellas205.00122629153452217222532
25GER 698Karsten Kath205.002519129241833201530dnc
26GER 724Marina Dellas238.003120222716233122263120
27NED 662Adrie Kuijpers242.002128232428202723253223
28GBR 2021Alex Scoles245.002415203130302927341722
29BEL 214Paul Verrijdt270.002732242825322433242925
30GBR 2007Anthony Rich280.003531282929312125272831
31GBR 2065Simon Shaw282.002929313327283028282329
32NED 646Peter van Leverink307.00323436ocs33352634232727
33SWE 2755Per-Arne Olsson312.002317ocs1721dnfdncdncdncdncdnc
34GER 695Dirck Gericke314.003635372622263631363333
35GER 696Jürgen Dieris314.003325323431333232323530
36GBR 1918David Cooper337.00343335323234343633dnf34
37GBR 2075David Wright344.0038363435dncdnc3535303428
38NED 638Robert Jan Bancken352.003737332335dnf373735dnfdnc