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Minutes of the 2002 Special General Meeting of OKDIA

Held at the Regatta Centre, Medemblik, The Netherlands, on 19 August 2002.

T Hansson-Mild (chair), B Bomans, C Hartmann, B Andrews, P Scheuerl and representatives from BEL, DEN, GBR, GER, NED, POL, and SWE.

Postal votes were received from AUS, FRA, NZL AND SUI.

  1. Election of a Secretary.

    R Deaves, GBR, was elected as secretary.

  2. Changes to class Rule 12, MAST.

    Two proposals had been received for the introduction of a carbon mast, from the Technical Committee and from the German Association.

    The meeting voted unanimously in favour of a carbon mast.

    Before a second vote was taken Christian Hartmann, Chairman of the Technical Committee and Thomas Wilkes of Ceilidh composite Technologies gave a clear introduction to the carbon technology which would affect the performance and cost of the two mast proposals. Both advised that a weight of 6kg is too low for a reliable mast.

    A second straight vote was taken to decide between the two proposals. The result was in favour of the German proposal by 7 votes to 4, with 3 abstentions. The meeting agreed that the Technical Committee should be allowed to make a final decision on the minimum weight.

    The final proposal will be submitted to the ISAF conference in November for approval.

    If accepted the new class rule 12 will come into operation on 1st April 2003.