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Sweden, Nationals 2009


18 - 19 July

by Robert Deaves

After 2 days of varying conditions Greg Wilcox (NZL) has won the Swedish Championships for the OK Dinghy, followed by the Danish legend Jorgen Lindhardtsen and fours times World Champion Bo Staffan Andersson. Andersson is yet another World class sailor making a comeback to the class, albeit with a sixteen year gap.

The Championship took place at Kalmar, over the weekend of 18/19 July, on the east coast of Sweden, and is acting as the pre-Worlds for the event which starts on Saturday 25th July.

The first days racing took place in 20 - 25 knots and big waves while the second day was much lighter and shiftier.

The current World Champion Karl Purdie (NZL) lead after day one, following a fourth and a first, but Wilcox came back strongly in the lighter conditions on the second day with a first and two thirds to take the title. Purdie ended up 5th after struggling in the lighter conditions.

This success follows up wins for Wilcox in Kiel week and Warnemünde Week

Both Kiwi sailors are using New Zealand made Icebreaker Boats, C-Tech masts and Quantum sails from Wilcox's loft in Potsdam. The other New Zealander in the fleet, Julian Bishop from Worser Bay is chartering a Swedish boat.

The rest of the fleet for the Worlds are due to arrive over the next few days for what promises to be a very interesting World Championship. The large fleet of 78 boats also contains six former World Champions.

Nationals 2009 - Results
1NZL 522Blankenser SegelclubGreg Wilcox531331510
2DEN 1364Hvidovre SejlklubJørgen Lindhardtsen32151013116
3SWE 2784Karlshamns SSBo Staffan Andersson1074543020
4SWE 100Umeå SegelsällskapThomas Hansson-Mild1DNS61327822
5NZL 531Worser Bay Boating ClubKarl Purdie41117153823
6GER 690SC OevelgönneSönke Behrens757853224
7GER 693SC OevelgönneMartin v.Zimmermann24BFD1278125
8DEN 1340KSChristian Olesen6814664026
9POL 19Zlks KiekrzBartosz Rakocy181731125133
10POL 1MOS-2 WarszawaTomek Gaj86172225533
11SWE 66VSSJan-Eric Nystedt1510104165539
12SWE 2782GessJan-Erik Engholm191251485839
13SWE 99Varbergs SSHans Elkjaer1491621117150
14DEN 1368Hellerup SejlklubChristian Hedlund1714222258055
15SWE 739HKKMax Nystedt22151815108058
16GER 740SWSJuliane Hofmann3119811239261
17DEN 4Hellerup SejlklubStefan Myrälf9DNS2592412367
18DEN 1335Solrød StrandMogens Johansen3011222599767
19SWE 2786SSKaHåkan Törnqvist132430201410171
20POL 5MOS-2 WarszawaDarek Kras122313243410672
21SWE 222SKKPer Jaensson29229271710475
22NOR 467Hellerup SejlklubJens Makholm272721181310679
23SWE 64Nättraby BåtklubbJonas Lindahl25DNS12232013680
24SWE 2772SS KaparenIngemar Jansson21DNF27162114185
25SWE 2746Södertälje BåtklubbStefan Fagerlund161824283612286
26SWE 2741Umeå SegelsällskapUlf Dagerbrant261332321812189
27SWE 2732WSSWBerndt Svensson38DNS20191915296
28SWE 2770NyssJonas Andersson231626343313298
29SWE 88GESSLennart Hansson24263329BFD168112
30SWE 11StSSBengt Strömberg11DNS373135170114
31SWE 74UmeåSSOlof Lindgren3625283528152116
32DEN 1265KDYMalte Pedersen3521393730162123
33DEN 1329Bramsnaes SejlkSam Jedig33DNS194040188132
34AUS 724Wangi Sailing ClubGlenn Yates2820424343176133
35NZL 516Worser Bay Boating ClubJulian Bishop3728354542187142
36SWE 2668Råå Jolle KlubbLars HultgrenDNSDNS233827200144
37SWE 2672SS KaparenBengt Larsson34OCS3126DNS203147
38SWE 2599GessMagnus Gillgren32DNS384237205149
39AUS 685Wangi ASCJonathon ODonnell20DNS454639206150
40SWE 111SSKaparenBertil EliassonDNSDNSBFD1726211155
41SWE 2739Umeå SegelsällskapAnders WiddingDNFDNF363629213157
42SWE 2740Karlskrona SSKarl-Johan ÖsthDNFDNS413032215159
43SWE 511SKKMårten BernesandDNFDNS343931216160
44SWE 2743StSSDennis OlssonDNSDNS2933BFD230174
45SWE 2763SS KaparenClaes HeymanDNSDNS434141237181
46SWE 2695SK KaparenPär KarlssonDNFDNS444438238182
47SWE 2756SK KaparenSimon PoltegDNFDNS40DNSDNS264208
48SWE 2775GessLars HanssonDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC280224
48SWE 2750SS KaparenLars BerggrenDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC280224
48SWE 2071KaparenMagnus HaglundDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC280224
48DEN 1366Skovshovede SejlklubSvend Erik MolbechDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC280224
48SWE 2217SS SvearnaMagnus BagerDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC280224
48SWE 2780Getskärs SS GESSClaes AhlströmDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC280224
48SWE 2738SS KaparenPeter AebeloeDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC280224