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Germany, Warnemünder Woche 2008

July 4th - 6th

In Warnemünde, Germany, Kiwi pride was dominant in the final warm-up event prior to the 2008 OK Dinghy World Championship, which starts tomorrow, Tuesday 8th July.

The winner
Alistair Deaves, Karl Purdy and Luke O'Connel
Photo: Pepe Hartmann

The 71st Warnemünde Week was convincingly won by Karl Purdie (NZL) after a great opening day in 8-20 knots winds and then managing to hold onto his points lead in the lighter and trickier conditions of the next two days.

Seven races were sailed on the same course area as the world's races will be sailed in a diverse range of conditions. Friday brought stiff north-easterlies and three tough races. The first race went to Mark Perrow (NZL), runner up in last year's worlds. Karl Purdie rounded the first mark in the middle of the 70 boat fleet and as the wind strengthened from 8 knots to 15 worked his way up to third place by the finish. In the next two races, the wind gradually strengthened and Purdie was clearly the fastest to take two bullets, the final one by a significant margin.

Lighter winds on Saturday brought some new faces to the front, with Luke O'Connell (NZL) sailing well to win the first race. As the wind started to drop still further Jorgen Holm (DEN) took race 5. Race six was then won by Alistair Deaves (NZL), a British sailor now living in New Zealand, after overtaking Greg Wilcox (NZL) on the final approach the to finish.

The final race on Sunday was also the practice race for the World Championship and was sailed in very light and patchy winds. O'Connell started well mid line and soon pulled ahead to build a useful lead to take his second race of the series and the Sven Lehn Memorial Trophy. Alistair Deaves snatched second place from Juliane Hoffman (GER) during the closing stages as the final beat was shortened in the very light winds.

O'Connell's win sealed the top four for New Zealand and with the Kiwi team taking six out of the top nine, they have sent a clear message to the rest of the fleet. Last year's world champion Nick Craig (GBR) didn't sail the full series and could only manage a 5-3-10-27 in the fickle conditions, while Kiel Week winner Thomas Hansson-Mild (SWE) counted a DNC but was near the front in most races. The only non-New Zealander in the top 6, Jorgen Lindhardtsen (DEN) placed well in the windy races, but dropped to fifth place overall after the lighter wind races at the end of the week.

1NZL 531Karl PurdieWBBC3,01,01,010,02,012,09,026,0
2NZL 532Alistair DeavesWBC4,017,0DNC12,04,01,02,040,0
3NZL 511Luke O`ConnellNSC8,015,0DNC1,013,04,01,042,0
4NZL 525Steve McDowellWBBC13,010,04,02,010,08,0DNC47,0
5DEN 1364J�rgen LindhardtsenHv.S2,03,02,018,08,016,019,049,0
6NZL 527Mark Perrow1,02,05,08,017,017,018,050,0
7GER 672Gunter ArndtFYC12,07,03,04,015,014,011,051,0
8GER 693Martin von ZimmermannSCOE16,013,08,06,011,03,0DNC57,0
9NZL 522Greg WilcoxBSC11,014,0DNC14,018,02,05,064,0
10POL 1Tomasc Gaj5,020,012,09,09,09,020,064,0
11GBR 2118Terry CurtisOCS9,07,011,07,018,016,068,0
12DEN 1340Christian Olesen15,011,011,025,06,013,014,070,0
13GBR 2119Robert Deaves10,012,015,023,016,024,013,089,0
14GER 747Andreas PichLYC19,025,0DNC27,014,011,07,0103,0
15SWE 100Thomas Hansson-MildUMSS6,04,0DNC7,012,0DNF10,0112,0
16GER 730J�rg RademacherSCST23,037,013,028,030,021,06,0121,0
17SWE 66Jan-Eric NystedtVSS7,031,014,020,038,025,030,0127,0
18GER 718Peter ScheuerlNRV20,022,0DNC15,027,026,017,0127,0
19GER 750Ralf Tietje22,016,09,539,022,530,032,0132,0
20POL 14Pawel PawlaczykJKWDNC8,06,013,0DNC19,024,0143,0
21NZL 502Trent Pryce24,026,0DNC21,032,57,036,0146,5
22SWE 99Hans Elkjaer37,036,018,017,025,015,040,0148,0
23POL 5Darek KrasMOS-226,038,0DNC16,034,020,015,0149,0
24AUS 725David Ketteridge44,035,0DNC19,029,05,025,0157,0
25POL 19Bartosz RakocyZLKS51,034,023,042,021,031,512,0163,5
26NZL 518Grant Pedersen14,042,0DNC30,028,035,028,0177,0
27GER 665Peter StephanSCST27,032,020,048,539,034,034,0186,0
28GBR 2116Nick CraigDNCDNCDNC5,03,010,027,0191,0
29GER 699Juliane HoffmannSWSOCS51,5DNC32,026,06,03,0191,5
30GER 539Carsten Sa�LYC41,039,021,031,032,531,538,0193,0
31AUS 726Bur Buchanan30,021,016,043,047,051,037,0194,0
32SWE 180Darren Hunt28,033,033,037,043,027,047,0201,0
33DEN 1371Jorgen HolmKBLDNC27,0DNC24,01,0DNC4,0202,0
34GER 671Andreas DeubelHSC21,045,031,041,041,023,0DNF202,0
35GBR 2085Gavin Waldron42,024,017,044,036,041,043,0203,0
36GER 645Arne LindemannPSCW38,050,030,036,022,537,0DNC213,5
37DEN 1324Bo Teglers17,0DNCDNC26,020,039,039,0214,0
38GER 735Dirk GerickeSGE25,040,019,058,563,028,046,0216,5
39GER 745Rainer PospiechYCBG46,044,024,048,556,022,033,0217,5
40GER 731Thomas GlasSSC18,023,0DNC3,031,0DNCDNC221,0
41POL 18Jerzy BojanowskiMOS-255,0DNC25,035,044,042,023,0224,0
42GER 680Jan-Dietmar DellasOYC32,018,09,563,050,054,0DNC226,5
43GBR 2105Ian Harris34,029,0DNC22,024,0DNC52,0234,0
44GER 688Dirk DahmeSVM36,046,0DNC29,054,033,041,0239,0
45DEN 1285Christian Schmidt-M�ller45,053,0DNC39,035,040,042,0254,0
46GER 694Gunnar SpechtPSCW33,049,028,033,041,0OCSDNC257,0
47AUS 724Glenn Yates48,043,029,045,064,038,054,0257,0
48GER 606Katharina Hu�SCFR50,048,0DNC46,045,048,021,5258,5
49AUS 695David O`Connell31,047,0DNC52,048,0DNC8,0259,0
50AUS 729Andre BlasseOCS5,0DNCDNC5,0DNC31,0260,0
51GER 659Falk HagemannSWS56,056,032,047,046,029,0OCS266,0
52BEL 214Paul Verrijdt35,058,034,056,041,047,0DNC271,0
53GER 670Hinnerk RiesSCOE39,030,0DNC51,037,044,0DNC274,0
54DEN 1361Rene JohansenKBLOCS19,0DNCOCS19,0DNF21,5278,5
55GBR 2117Alex ScolesOSSC9,028,0DNCDNCDNCDNC26,0282,0
56DEN 1265Malte Pedersen53,057,022,0DNF53,052,045,0282,0
57AUS 692Bill Tyler49,051,526,065,058,045,0DNC294,5
58GER 577Yves KaminskiSVEW54,054,027,055,057,056,049,0295,0
59AUS 733David Clancy29,06,0DNCDNCDNFDNC48,0302,0
60DEN 1350Per SorensenEV52,041,0DNC54,0DNC36,050,0306,0
61POL 333Jakub KaniaZLKS40,0DNCDNC39,051,0DNC35,0311,0
62GER 660Bernd WillmannSCK58,055,0DNC50,052,050,0OCS338,0
63GER 640Sven MarchotSGSP61,0DNFDNC57,061,049,044,0345,0
64AUS 716Peter Wallace43,0RAFRAF58,555,043,0DNC345,5
65GER 404Tobias WillmannSCK60,059,0DNC62,060,057,053,0351,0
66GER 714Christian Hu�SCFR47,0DNCDNC60,049,053,0DNC355,0
67GER 621Andre HenningsCKADNCDNCDNC53,062,055,051,0367,0
68BEL 220Ronny Poelman57,0DNCDNC61,059,046,0DNC369,0
69AUS 708Morgan Staley59,060,0DNC34,0DNCDNCDNS372,0
70DEN 1348Peter WestDNCDNCDNC64,0DNCDNC29,0385,0