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World Championship 1999

Neustadt/Holstein, Germany

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August 14th - 20th, Neustadt i.H, Germany

Invitation Race

Report by Adrian Mannering
15-22 knots of wind, choppy seas, offshore breeze, very shifty.
A shift to port on the start plus a very long start line gave a large bias to the port end starters. The boats on the right hand side of the course were best at the mark.
At Mark 3: A Mannering(NZL), Olle Albrektson(SWE), Antoni Pawlowski(POL). After a shifty 2nd beat in windy conditions most boats pulled out of the race, saving there sails + energy for tomorrow.
The results:
Karsten Hitz with superior boatspeed and knowledge of the shifty conditions came throug to win the last beat. Only 13 boats finished.

Top 10 Invitation race:
  1. Karsten Hitz GER727
  2. Olle Albrektsson SWE 2747
  3. Adrian Mannering NZL 504
  4. Oliver Gronholz GER 679
  5. Robert Davis AUS 706
  6. Mark Jackson AUS 708
  7. Soenke Behrens GER449
  8. Rob Hengst NZL 505
  9. Ingo Ballerstein GER 607
  10. Gavin Waldron GBR 2080

Day One Report

Report from Jörn Richter (on the jury for the race):
In the first race we had really good wind, the second race started after 2 general recalls due to windshifts and during racing we had still have had windshifts of 30 degrees but with enough wind to finish the race.

Day Two Report

Report from Jörn Richter (on the jury for the race):
No racing for today due to low to no wind. The competitors were forced to stay ashore until 12:00. Then there was one tiny little try to start a race, but already on the way out to the course the raceofficer made a wise decision to cancel racing for today. The big guys stayed ashore and grinned, hoping for more wind tomorrow.
At 1900 all competitors will been driven to a local waterski school to have some fun.

Day 3 Reports

Race 3: Russell Woods (finished 3rd in race 3)
After a general recall the race committe did the black flag. I started near the middle. The first beat was fairly even with no particular side favoured. I arrived at the top mark in 4th behind Michael from Switzerland. I passed him. I was'd 6th across the line, but three boats in front became BFD (out of 10, even the first 2 of the race).

Race 4: Peter Scheuerl (GER)
Very shifty conditions, gusty between 5 and 20 knots. the first beat saw the guys from the left in front, not much changed on the reaches due to decreasing winds. After a 30 degree shift at the beginning of the second beat, with no change of course, the middle was favoured, while on the final beat the left was favoured again. 7 boats got OCS in that race which kicked some favorites out of the series.

Day 4 Report

by Jörn Richter
Today we had 2 races in almost survival conditions. Windspeed between 10 to 13 m/sec.
For the whole day, some rain and really not much sun. The first race started without a general recall, with a good starting line.The beating today was for real men only. I wished I could do the reaches, but being a member of the jury I could only watch. We saw some great surfing, some nice capsizes and 2 people had to go to hosptial. Jan Erik Nysted finished today's racing and afterwards got 8 stiches on his head due to a bad gybe. The boom hit his head.. same happened to the old man Mr. Jørgen Linhardsen (age 52 and currently no. 2). he has only 4 stiches.
The current leader is Aussie Peter Milne. He won today's first race with a good lead.
Tomorrow we will have one race only, the last of the championship. They predict again strong winds...

Day 5 FINAL Report

by Jörn Richter
Today was the final day of competition. The start went right on time at the first try with a good line. Wind conditions where about 5-6 m/sec with clouds and some rain. Peter Milne (AUS) the current leader of the gang started close to the old man Jorgen Lindhardsen (DEN) the current second. The Dane had to put about 20 boats between him and the Aussie to win the championship. First windward mark saw them rounding in position 25-30, only separated by one place. Leading was the Swede Jan Erik Nysted (the one who got eight stitches on his head due to an injury yesterday...) followed by the Brit David Carrol.
David overtook the Swede with much faster downwindspeed. While the Swede made the straight course David took every wave and steered big curves downwind. On the final beat the wind dropped with a shift to the right. The race was won by David Carrol with a comfortable margin, followed by Jan Erik and then Adrian Mannering (nzl). The old man Jorgen form Denmark finished well ahead of Peter. But was it enough? After peter finished I asked him who won the championship. All he answered was: "I am not good in mathematics ..."
Finally jorgen finished 15th and Peter finished 21th. This means the new world champion comes from Australia. It is Peter Milne, AUS 694. Congratulations!
Before the first day of racing we all made a bet who will win the championship. Nobody bet on Peter!

Point System: "Olympic": 1st=0; 2nd=3; 3rd=5,7; 4th=8; 5th=10; 6th=11,7; place+6

1AUS 694Peter Milne  55274132193.7
2DEN 1280Jørgen LindhardtsenVet112OCS92815162
3GBR 2094Nick Craig RET164210165170
4SWE 66Jan-Eric NystedVet81201115213110.7
5NZL 504Adrian Mannering 121514221722116
6SWE 2746Thomas Hansson-Mild 441385DSQ19184
7DEN 1304Christian Midtgaard 271716106118129.7
8SUI 66Michael Bachmann 37396271210142.4
9GER 679Oliver Gronholz 9OCS17139117191
10NZL 508Russel Wood 16243OCS1496193.4
11DEN 1275Steen Christensen 227712122212136.
12NZL 369Greg Wilcox 196131819711134.7
13BEL 44Bart Bomans 333325131414150
14SWE 2747Olle Albrektsson 144026171158162
15SWE 99Hans Elkjær 62781630274157.7
16NZL 509Joe Porebski 2919OCS31369212.4
17GBR 2084Terry Curtis 1010183441830164
18GER 674Gunter Peters 325DNF15211331229.7
19GER 698Jan-Dietmar Dellas 2120123781061211
20DEN 1273Ulf Brandt 2529193182826186.7
21AUS 708Mark Jackson 71350DNS22424243
22GER 640Helmut MannsbarthVet13235OCS341932250
23AUS 706Robert Davis 3422292472520203
24GER 693Martin v. Zimmermann 20146OCS383516253.7
25GBR 2073Hedley Fletcher 1OCSOCS1201527258
26NZL 490Ben Morrison 24262819253713214
27GER 618Peter Scheuerl 31211536242052241
28GBR 2085David Carroll 2611OCSOCS26171282
29GER 449Sönke Behrens 38281127413222241
30GBR 2045James Wells 1718OCS32282340283
31GBR 2090Andrew Rushworth 23301040322942248
32GBR 2093Greg CaseyVet35322421533325265
33POL 31Antoni Pawlowski 159OCS23DNF3117303
34GER 599Uwe Böhm 32373030333057291
35DEN 1311Jesper Andersen 28562250232649296
36GER 717Andreas Pich 52413331352434292
37GER 703Torsten Teutloff 413821OCS403828331
38GER 607Ingo Ballerstein 4236OCS7434139333
39AUS 673David Clancy 3647514416DNF23342
40DEN 1305Anders Steenfeldt 43594933314029326
41GER 688Dirk Dame 4451381446DNF35353
42POL 113Michal Kotewicz 1812OCS837DNSDNS366
43DEN 1292Peter Wibroe 53353129514551337
44GBR 2080Gavin Waldron 4534425329DNF43371
45GER 695Dirk Gericke 40454628543660351
46GER 642Ralf Mackmann 4831394544DNF44376
47GER 632Fabian Gronholz 46483252394346348
48GER 622Christian Hartmann 3943402650DNF63386
49NZL 505Rob Hengst 47424451494241358
50AUS 688Paul Richards 5150254747DNS48393
51SWE 2732Per-Arne OlssonVet494448OCS423962409
52AUS 695Peter YatesVet5549234361DNF66422
53NED 662Adrie Kuijpers 61525565484438405
54GBR 2054Andy TurnerVet56463548DNFDNS33426
55GER 634Birke Taufenbach 58625235554664414
56GBR 1984Mike Edwards 6355345857DNS47439
57GER 621André HenningsJun6657454268DNF36439
58POL 58Maciej Nowaczyk 5967OCS66363453440
59POL 66Marian JankowskiVet54OCS572060DNF45444
60NZL 479Trent Pryce 5063414145DNSDNS448
61GER 710Christian-Ulrich Senst 6753433966DNS56449
62GER 727Karsten Hitz 28DNSDNSDNSDNSDNS462
63DEN 981Sören Peder JensenVet7068634652DNS50474
64POL 4Jakub Jurkiewicz 69606256594768463
65POL 475Igor Kotwicki 6058366263DNFDNS487
66AUS 605Kevin KnottVet6474476356DNF59488
67GER 659Falk Hagemann 73615961694867480
68GER 596Jens Lindemann 6870614965DNS54492
69GBR 2059Will TurnerJun6254OCS54DNFDNS37498
70SWE 2749Max NystedJun5765OCS5558DNF58501
71FRA 2000Raymond DodardVet7576565962DNF55508
72POL 523Jakub Kania 7166535764DNSDNS519
73POL 6Boguslaw MoczorodynskiVet3039OCSOCSDNSDNSDNS526
74AUS 690Sean Wilson 656437DNFDNSDNSDNS540
75GER 570Dieter SenstVet79696460DNSDNS69549
76AUS 69Kyle KnottJun77735864DNSDNF70550
77GBR 2034Peter TurnerJun78726567DNFDNS65555
78GBR 2065Simon ShawVet74715470DNFDNSDNS560
79GBR 2083Justine Edwards 7675666867DNFDNF560
80FRA 1798Arnaud Vanhoutte 72776069DNSDNSDNS569