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World Championship 1996

Varberg, Sweden

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82 competitors, 80 who qualified through national qualifications plus last years champion Björn Førslund and 1996 olympic gold medalist Mateusz Kusznierewicz, from 11 countries, came to Varberg on the west coast of Sweden to find the new World Champion.

The weather was good during the whole week, but the promised stronger breeze, which blew before the worlds, never came except after the last race. The racing conditions have were very tricky with some current. To catch or to loose about 30 boats on a single beat was not uncommon.

After two days of measurement the practice race was started on monday in a very light breeze. It was won by Karsten Hitz, GER 672.


About 6-7 m/s (12-14 knts) from SE.

The first race was won by Boguslaw Moczordynski (POL 6), but he lost a protest about a prestart incident. So Anders Persson (SWE 2742) was first in the list.

The second race was started in the same conditions, but the teach-book clouds over the coast promised seabreeze. It came with a 120 degree shift to the west and very light shifty conditions during the second reach. Dirk Gericke (GER 695), who lead the fleet until the shift, felt back to 7. Danish Anders Andersen (DEN 1246), 2nd in the '92 Worlds, finished in the time limit with only a few minutes to spare, to win the race. Only 65 of the fleet got to the finish in time.


One race scheduled in SE winds, about 5 m/s.

"Old man" Jorgen Lindhartsen, olympic competitor in 1976, won the race and was one of the few who had no really bad race until that.

Mateusz (POL 17) saw the yellow flag of the jury the second time in this race, so he had to retire and everyone understood that he started holiday after that race, as he sailed for 12 month before nearly every day.


After a long Postponement on the water in no wind (the whole fleet went about 1.5 miles away from the committee boat due to the current), the first of two scheduled races was started in a building SE wind.

Both races were to be won on the left. Roger Blasse (AUS 678) and Christian Carlsson (SWE 2701) showed that best with 2-1 and 1-3.

In the evening it was clear to everyone, that Christian Carlsson, a 20 year old sailor who just came from the Europe class, was well on his way to win the event.


Light SE winds.

Again Christian Carlsson won the race.

Only Mats Caap (SWE 2731), world champion 1987 and olympic competitor 1988, was still able to get in front of him, but only with a result in the top five and a bad race of Christian.

After the racing on Friday morning there was a match race event in the habour of Varberg, with live comments by Pelle Petterson, and with a lot of spectators around the old Fort of Varberg.

The Match race was won by Bart Bomans (BEL 44) who showed very good boat handling against Mateusz Kusznierewicz in the semi-final and Roger Blasse in the best-of-three final.


Building breeze from SE, shifting slowly to S.

Until the middle of the second beat it looked like Christian would win the event, as he was around the top ten. But then he got problems with his boom vang during a tack and capsized. When he was ready to sail again he was nearly last and retired.

So it was on Mats Caap now to finish fifth or better to win the Worlds. Mats was near that goal on the last leeward mark, but also worried about the guys behind him and followed the first boats to the left, wich was always the better choice in the races before... .

Not in this race. Hedley Fletcher (GBR 2073), who had overtaken about 30 boats on the second beat by going right, tried it again on the final beat to win the race. The top ten of the leeward mark went left to finish between 33rd and 50th.

The saturday night dinner and prize giving took place in a restaurant in the city. After closing the restaurant, the race officer and his wife invited us to their home (they said garden-we understand house) and they also got some crates of beer. It was a very friendly event in a very nice town. As it was very hard to sail a constant series and the competitors were of a high standard, it was a really though competition.

Point System: "Olympic": 1st=0; 2nd=3; 3rd=5,7; 4th=8; 5th=10; 6th=11,7; place+6

1SWE 2701Christian Carlsson3342131DNF65,1
2GBR 2073Hedley Fletcher131330674170,7
3GER 693Martin V.Zimmermann2111651165685,7
4DEN 1280Jørgen Lindhartsen5171715163089
5NZL 476Duncan Gourley421915969393,4
6NZL 498Nigel Mannering45022091026100
7SWE 2731Mats Caap8481432644104,4
8NZL 499Adrian Mannering6378422294104,7
9NZL 474Tony Clifford31520194227105
10DEN 1246Anders Andersen46131282053115,7
11SWE 99Hans Elkjær1214122330319115,7
12AUS 678Roger Blasse26213921379120
13DEN 1275Steen Christensen221642914838127
14SWE 66Jan-Eric Nystedt1127372517125132
15GER 672Karsten Hitz28DNF58101733136
16NZL 491Peter Waymouth3310115113650141
17DEN 1273Ulf Brandt194492751946153
18GER 634Rüdiger Prinz20153339501118172
19SWE 2686Stefan Jaenson7402424212436172
20BEL 44Bart Bomans106DNF22252256176,7
21POL 113Piotr Soltan18DNF3144191812178
22GER 699Jörn Wille21122238581442185
23GER 618Peter Scheuerl24292728203825189
24SWE 2742Anders Persson151714315760190
25SWE 2733Anders Thornell-Pers4138403013452195
26SWE 2738Olle Albrektsson4735263312657196
27POL 31Antoni Pawlowski25414137PMS710197
28SWE 2732Björn Førslund3928611374347199,7
29SWE 2740Jonas Persson29621318232657202
30GBR 2010Alistair Deaves45202546422517210
31GER 707Thorsten Schmidt6122917274059210
32GBR 2080Gavin Waldron27461855413115214
33GBR 2054Kenneth Carroll4058DNF26321313218
34GER 606Harald Kölsch35451757245011218
35DEN 1261Tom Pedersen3823536473463223
36GER 690Jan Dissel6332574226278228
37NZL 481Joe Porebski30344431PMS3023228
38GER 679Jörg Sylvester52443432342129230
39DEN 1304Christian Mittgaard49DNF2810355821237
40NZL 497Paul Rhodes32245413336445237
41GBR 2056Giles Hudson55562335362832245
42GBR 2060Greg Casey37605034294616248
43NZL 484David Munro23612949393241249
44GER 607Ingo Ballerstein149475951DNS35251
45NED 661Erik Vliegenthart15531958565222253
46GER 698Jan-Dietmar Dellas36,4366416526914254,7
47SWE 2739Peder Thunander16DNF3215286662255
48SWE 2728Thomas Hansson-Mild54434654181552264
49GER 622Christian Hartmann50233660494831273
50DEN 1294Mogens Johansen48306045383348278
51GER 695Dirk Gericke5376347405151285
52GER 662Gerd Breitbart5183865613955288
53GER 449Sönke Behrens44574350445320290
54GER 670Hinnerk Ries57544864483524302
55GBR 1985David Carroll65652166DNS2328304
56SWE 2741Kjell Nystrøm17DNF6948545439317
57DEN 1303Henrik Søgren56555353574140334
58GBR 2007Dan Ager43595863DNS4437340
59AUS 668Andre Blasse34,7DNF6121666261341
60GER 638Uwe Feedrich64DNF4571435627342
61GER 680Marina Dellas60DNF6552554234344
62NZL 4Rob Hengst66265661535569353
63POL 624Maichal Kotewicz674952436247DNF356
64POL 116Adam Sztormowski58427173595949374
65GBR 2071Alan Atkin59527268456154375
66POL 58Maciej Nowaczyk68DNF6240466765384
67BEL 177Franz Hawer76335574606067385
68POL 17Mateusz Kusznierewicz918RETDNSDNSDNSDNS391
69DEN 1302Karl-Erik Svare Nielsen69256841DNS72DNF393
70POL 141Marian Jankowski75635962686343394
71DEN 1305Anders Steenfeldt Jensen36DNF5156DNS68DNF411
72POL 6Boguslaw MoczordynskiDSQ3910DNSDNSDNSDNS413
73GBR 2058Mary Reddyhoff62477570647468421
74GER 637Kirstin Brand783177DNFDNS4972425
75POL 35Maciej Roman71646667657571440
76FRA 1336Raymond Dodard77DNF6775697058452
77GBR 1984Michael Edwards73DNF7369677166455
78NOR 458Reidar Sårheim72DNF7676637670469
79FRA 1798Arnaud Vanhoute74DNF7472DNS7364475
80NOR 449Håvard Hervik70DNF70DNFDNSDNSDNS504