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World Championship 2006 Competitor: Peter Wallace

The following information was provided by the competitor prior to the 2006 world championship

Peter Wallace
NameAgeCountrySail NumberBoat Name
Peter Wallace49AUS - NSWAUS 668Dinah Moe Humm
World Championships / Top Ten ResultsTop 10 "Ranger" Worlds 90's sometime.
National Championships / Top Ten ResultsOK Nats -14th 2004, 19th Interdoms
Other Class Successes / ActivitiesMJ - 4th Nats, 4th States - 1970, Flying 11 Nats top 5 - 72.
Boat shape / Builder, Mast, Sail, Foils, etcBotterill "Pot & Pie", C Tech, Botterill Foils, Quantum NZ / North NZ
OccupationHealth Educator / Psychotherapist
OK Associations Official PositionsNSW Assoc. Webmaster / Promotions
Why keep sailing the OK Dinghy?It's the world's best single-handed, tactical racing dinghy of course. The people are pretty good too!
Anything else you can think of that might be of interest?Sailed OK's in the 70's, then spent some time travelling thru the Doors of Perception (Huxleyesk period) - 90's spent sailing a 26' traditional timber gaffer and was forced back into sailing OK's, after 20 years, by some old blokes at Mosman - and loving it.

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