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World Championship 2006 Competitor: Per-Arne Olsson

The following information was provided by the competitor prior to the 2006 world championship

Per-Arne Olsson
NameAgeCountrySail NumberBoat Name
Per-Arne Olsson51SWESWE 2759Loosec
Past Championship TitlesThai Champion 2000
World Championships / Top Ten Results4/Nil
European Championships / Top Ten Results 1/Nil
National Championships / Top Ten Results8/8
Boat shape / Builder, Mast, Sail, Foils, etcOddersburg 96, Ceilidh mast, North UK sail
OccupationFlight Captain
Why keep sailing the OK Dinghy?The OKDIA is well organized and nostalgia trip
Anything else you can think of that might be of interest?I sailed my first OK with Reg nr SWE 33 1966 eleven years old. I still struggling to learn to sail the fu...boat a bit faster than I did the day before.

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