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World Championship 2006 Competitor: Michael Walker

The following information was provided by the competitor prior to the 2006 world championship

Michael Walker
NameCountrySail NumberBoat Name
Michael WalkerAUS - NSWAUS 646The Phantom
Current Championship TitlesStill Trying
World Championships / Top Ten ResultsIn my Dreams Only
National Championships / Top Ten ResultsPurchased first OK in 1969 "SLO-MO-SHUN" This name has obviously had an effect on the other OK'S I have owned over the years. Have contested numerous state national and Interdominion championships since 1969 Inconsistency has always been my Achilles heel .May be this one will be different
Other Class Successes / ActivitiesStarted in Sabot's before they had buoyancy moved on to Moth's and VJ's, then into 12ft Skiffs on the sharp end. Sailed in the Junior Offshore group but got too sea sick became useless on deck. Needed to keep my backside wet so bought an OK
Boat shape / Builder, Mast, Sail, Foils, etcBottrill Hull and Foils Superspar Mast, Have re painted my deck in Lilac and purchased new control lines
OccupationNational Account Manager
OK Associations Official PositionsSecretary International OK Assoc of NSW Inc. Life Member International OK Assoc of NSW Inc
Why keep sailing the OK Dinghy?The class appeals to all ages from 15 to 70 No matter where you are in the fleet the competition is just as tough as it is up the front. It is the old sneaky guys who use guile and rat cunning you have to watch out for.
Anything else you can think of that might be of interest?I have sailed the ok consistently since 1969 I have seen the changes in the class from timber sticks to Aluminium to Carbon Fibre what never ceases to amaze me is the gap between first and last never changes much everyone is still sailing at roughly the same speed. It is only the skill level that is the difference.

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