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World Championship 2006 Competitor: Fabian Gronholz

The following information was provided by the competitor prior to the 2006 world championship

NameAgeCountrySail NumberBoat Name
Fabian Gronholz29GERGER 632Grüne Welle (means: green wave)
World Championships / Top Ten Results4 times (99, 01, 04, 05)
European Championships / Top Ten Results2 times (98, 03)
National Championships / Top Ten Resultsmore than ten in Europe-Class (till '94) and OK-Dinghy (since '95) / 3 times 10th (2005, 2002, 2000)
Boat shape / Builder, Mast, Sail, Foils, etcHein-boat, C-Tech mast, Cicada sail
OccupationPortfolio Manager
OK Associations Official PositionsRegional Head of Schleswig-Holstein (North Germany)
Why keep sailing the OK Dinghy?There are great competitions on the water and a lot of fun apart from sailing. OK-Dinghy sailors ar like a big family all over the world.

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