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World Championship 2006 Competitor: Andre Blasse

The following information was provided by the competitor prior to the 2006 world championship

NameAgeCountrySail NumberBoat Name
Andre Blasse41AUS - VicAUS 719The Great Escape
Current Championship TitlesVic State Champion
Past Championship Titles3 Australian Nationals, 3 Interdominions
World Championships / Top Ten Results9 Sailed, 4th, 6th, 10th.
National Championships / Top Ten ResultsIn excess of 15, all but 2 in top ten
Other Class Successes / ActivitiesNational Soling Championship 1986
Boat shape / Builder, Mast, Sail, Foils, etcJason King Delf copy, C-tech Mast, Gale and Rimmington Sale.
OK Associations Official PositionsVice President, Aust Ok
Why keep sailing the OK Dinghy?Fun, good racing, International, competitive, for all sorts of ages and sizes. Good people and mates.

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