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World Championship 2002

Napier, New Zealand

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January 12th - 19th

Practice Race:

Silly conditions, no wind at stages, only 11 finished, first just 10 minutes from the 3h Time Limit.

Day one:

Race one by: Greg Wilcox (NZL):

Jim Hong-chul (KOR) led the first race from the start from young Richard Barker (NZL). Jayson Herbert (NZL) rounded the first mark third and Greg Wilcox (NZL) was fourth round. Herbert was fastest down the reaches and was second around the bottom mark. The variable wind also caused some very large windshifts. Bart Bomans (BEL) was also fast downwind and had moved up to fourth by the leeward mark, with Karsten Hitz (GER) close on his transom. Jin sailed well up the second beat and opened up a large lead followed by Richard Barker, Jayson Herbert and Greg Wilcox. The Korean went on to win comfotably from Richard and Greg with Russell Wood (NZL) jusy finishing ahead of Karsten Hitz.

Race two by Karsten Hitz (GER):

The Pacific Ocean is endless and we are racing in a small corner of it. At the windward mark Russell Wood was leading the fleet in front of Greg Wilcox and Karsten Hitz in third. Many changes in wind speed and direction later, Greg Wilcox and Karsten Hitz led around the last leeward mark with a comfortable lead. However a 60 degree windshift up the final beat changes the places to leave Russell Wood the winner and Jin Hong-chul in second.

Day two:

Race three (by Andrew Phillips)

Wednesday's one race saw the Kiwi team in fine form finishing 1, 2, 3,4. The race was sailed in a light and variable north-easterly sea breeze. Paul Rhodes (NZL) led the way around the course at every mark, holding his position fromm Andrew Phillips (NZL) and Dave Hoogenboom (NZL) in second and third. Hoogenboom showed blistering pace upwind and took the lead on the final beat to win the race from Rhodes and Phillips. Overall, the Korean, Jin Hong-chul, is still leading the regatta and a 6th from Greg Wilcox moves him into second place overall. Another Kiwi, Russell Wood finished 10th in the race and is lying third overall.

Day three

Day three of the OK World Championships saw a light to moderate easterly with a tricky chop and numerous wind shifts, making testing racing for all competitors. With a different winner in every race so far, the overall winner is by no means clear and the contest is likley to go down to the wire.

Fourth race (by Thomas Hansson-Mild)

The fourth race got away at the second attempt in a light and variable breeze. The fleet divided early on with bunches going right and left. The two halves met up at the windward mark with Ian Neely (NZL) leading the bunch. The leading group had a small gap on thefollowing fleet. The reaches were just about surfable and everyone kept their positionsgoing into the second beat. In fact the positions remained the same at the front throughout the race, although further down the often fitful wind created some large place changes. Ian Neely led into the finish followed by Alistair Gair and Greg Wilcox. The Korean, Jin Hong-chul, tried to find speed in the corners without success, but did move up to third place. Neely was scored OCS and the Korean was later disqualified after a rule infringment at a mark.

Race five (by Richard Barker)

Race five was sailed in slightly more breeze althught just as shifty. Roger Blasse's (AUS) perfect pin end start saw him round the top mark in second place just behind Richard Barker. Blasse showed considerable speed to overtake Barker on the run and went on to win the race comfortably.

Day four

Sixth race (by Dave Hoogenboom)

The sixth race started on the first attempt in a light variable sea breeze from the northeast. The fleet divided early and depended on whether those individuals believed the breeze was going to shift further to the right or back to the left. Initially the right paid however late in the first beat the breeze shifted back left with Greg Wilcox (NZL) coming through with a handy lead.
The reaches were just below surfing conditions and maitaining boat speed and catch waves was critical to retaining position at the bottom mark.
Greg extended his lead at the bottom followed by Paul Rhodes (NZL) Jorgen Lindhartsen (DEN) and Jin Hong-chul (KOR).
Greg, Paul and Jin maitained their positions at the top mark with David Hoogenboom (NZL) coming thru into fourth followed by Jorgen Lindhartsen.
Positions were again maintained at the bottom mark with the leading bunch going left to secure the left shifting breeze.
Greg Wilcox just held out Paul Rhodes by three boat lengths at the finish with Jin Hong-chul third Thomas Hansson-Mild coming through for fourth and David Hoogenboom fifth.
By winning this race Greg Wilcox became the 2002 OK Dinghy World Champion at the grand old age of 41, his 12th attempt at the title.

Day five

Race 7 Report, by Roger Blasse (AUS)

The breeze for the first time was blowing from the south at 180 degrees. Initially it promised to be a heavy air race with a few smiles on some of the larger competitors. As with all the other races very shortly after the start the breeze died. Nick Craig took the initial advantage up the first half of the beat. Unfortunately for Nick though the breeze shifted and the people that looked like dog tucker on the right got lifted up to the mark with Gauch (Paul Rhodes) leading at the top mark with Bart second.
The breeze continued to lighten off down the two reaches with the next beat being sailed in under 10 knots with 40 degree shifts. It was anyone's race.
Bart took advantage of these tricky conditions to work his way to a handy lead by the second windward mark.
Down the run the breeze began to shift left and increased slightly.
There were no major positional changes down the run, but by the time the fleet reached the leeward mark the committee had already shifted the finishing line 40 degrees to the left.
Shortly after rounding the mark the breeze increased substantially and continued to rotate left as the ex-tropical low pressure system made its impact.
Alastair Gair, Roger Blasse and Gauch who made a short clearing tack after the leeward mark picked up on this shift early.
Bart and Nick Craig who continued on towards the right missed this opportunity and were passed. The breeze continued to increase to 25 knots with one leg to the finish line with few opportunities for passing.
Some of the fatter boys were happy to have some wind finally, although only for one beat.

Point System: "Olympic": 1st=0; 2nd=3; 3rd=5,7; 4th=8; 5th=10; 6th=11,7; place+6

1NZL 512Greg WilcoxVet3362511420,036,1
2NZL 517Paul Rhodes 2582662131,043,4
3NZL 491Alastair Gair 10138146219,052,7
4KOR 1Jin Hong-chul 1212DSQ731384,058,7
5NZL 497Richard Barker 291383131219,074,7
6AUS 678Roger Blasse 1317171218323,079,7
7NZL 500Russell Wood 4110149171623,081,0
8GBR 2104Nick Craig 176717812423,087,7
9GER 727Karsten HitzVet54111816OCS584,091,0
10SWE 2746Thomas Hansson-Mild 1471433341939,091,7
11BEL 44Bart Bomans 82916101815635,0108,7
12DEN 1280Jorgen LindhardtsenVet15142315147929,0110,0
13NZL 499Jayson Herbert 62321413OCS1584,0115,7
14NZL 511Ben Morrison 29515162342140,0118,0
15NZL 516Ian Neely 91229OCS11111084,0118,0
16AUS 708Mark Jackson 181630191020736,0126,0
17NZL 504Adrian ManneringVet281518112391734,0129,0
18NZL 474Tony Clifford 27204729162835,0136,0
19NZL 502Nigel ManneringVet1130452012211851,0148,0
20NZL 481Dave HoogenboomVet46391213553652,0165,0
21GER 693Martin v.Zimmermann 203252921243138,0165,0
22NZL 490Jason Trow 512820530233257,0173,0
23NZL 484Mike Inwood 2611332722262739,0175,0
24NZL 483Andrew PhillipsJun607431319103980,0176,7
25NZL 509Joe PorebskiVet1610274417453051,0180,0
26IND 101Nitin Mongia 2126673120302273,0186,0
27AUS 710John Gibson 121846423835852,0189,0
28GER 717Oliver Gronholz 2321523026521158,0199,0
29GER 624Thomas Glas 333692649373555,0212,0
30NZL 510Grant Pedersen 4157432325282363,0219,0
31GBR 2084Terry Curtis 3919224334363449,0220,0
32GBR 5Alistair Deaves 3449353356142062,0221,0
33GER 607Ingo Ballerstein 485132927195157,0222,0
34NZL 501Daniel Bush 733DNF3652482484,0236,0
35NZL 506Hamish Fenwick 6853342215275274,0239,0
36AUS 692Peter Horne 3131623524DNF3384,0252,0
37GBR 2081Robert Deaves 1924495870224676,0254,0
38NZL 472Mike O'DwyerVet4560252536325766,0256,0
39GBR 2093Greg CaseyVet3559363466332572,0258,0
40GER 449Soenke Behrens 2427484843593765,0263,0
41SWE 2755Per-Arne OlssonVet223858OCS28295584,0266,0
42NZL 360John Hoogerbrug 3235314948444755,0273,0
43NZL 479Craig Pryce 5258282832564264,0274,0
44GER 618Peter Scheuerl 4043395231474358,0279,0
45AUS 709Paul Richards 5340424144314959,0283,0
46NZL 515Sel PedersenVet5947403871402677,0286,0
47NZL 466Phil RzypeckyVet3737513941OCS4884,0289,0
48DEN 1311Jesper Andersen 4425565539634169,0296,0
49AUS 643Phillip TaylorVet4271372437586377,0297,0
50GBR 2085Gavin Waldron 5742534040503863,0299,0
51AUS 667John MacKenzie 3841694650494075,0300,0
52NZL 470Steve McDowell 562247DNS54464584,0306,0
53NZL 485Campbell Scott 493438536341DNF84,0314,0
54GBR 2096Rodney TiddVet5567653745185973,0315,0
55NZL 369Mark BerryVet4750554762572968,0321,0
56DEN 1312Jesper PetersenVet655426OCS46425384,0322,0
57AUS 713Justin Graham 5055605647395066,0333,0
58AUS 691James McAllisterJun3644704572604478,0335,0
59POL 6Boguslaw MoczorodynskiVet3056245755OCSDNS84,0336,0
60GER 725Christian Hartmann 6245195464665872,0338,0
61GER 539Carsten Sass 6748575051555473,0351,0
62NZL 436Rob CouttsVet6146615160435667,0353,0
63NZL 505Rob Hengst 5452666142516572,0361,0
64GBR 2069Neil Goodhead 7472506559386180,0381,0
65NZL 498Darren HuntJun7069596267256476,0382,0
66GBR 2053Alan AtkinVet7368443253OCSDNF84,0384,0
67NZL 493Graham LambertVet6361636057546069,0391,0
68DEN 1285Mogens JohansenVet6664416369656775,0402,0
69GER 695Dirk Gericke 4463687076626282,0405,0
70AUS 715Tom PearceVet6470546774536880,0412,0
71NZL 458Richard Parke 7162646461616677,0414,0
72AUS 696Les McAllisterVet7566776958687083,0442,0
73GBR 2065Simon ShawVet7273766665696982,0450,0
74AUS 681John CorbyVet696574687371DNS84,0456,0
75DEN 1246Frank Visler 58DNS73OCS6867DNS84,0458,0
76GBR 1984Dale Dilly DNF75717175647184,0463,0
77IND 11R Mahesh DNFDNS7259DNFDNSDNS84,0479,0
78GBR 2048Rodney ThorneVetDNSDNS757277707284,0480,0