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Interdominion OK Dinghy Championships 1985

Black Rock YC, Melbourne, Australia, Easter

Digitalized by Bill Tyler

International report:

The 20th Interdominion was held in Melbourne at Black Rock YC, Easter, 1985. The 29 boat fleet included 2 Kiwis, a few local Laser and Fireball/470 sailors, a SA Finn sailor and regular OK competitors from SA, NSW and VIC. Mark Fisher dominated the event winning four heats straight with a 2nd and 3rd in the final two races. The two local Laser lads, Stuart Wallace and Alister McClure showed their skills by finishing 2nd and 3rd overall in the contest.

Typical Black Rock fresh conditions on Good Friday saw Mark win race 1 followed by Stuart and Alister with Justin Arthur in 4th place. The strong wind persisted for race 2 and Mark again won comfortably from Anthony Reynolds with Justin Arthur 3rd and Andre Blasse 4th.

Heavy conditions again on Saturday saw Mark win race 3 with Andre 2nd, Roger Blasse was 3rd and Finn heavy Chris Pratt 4th. Plenty of action back in the pack with a gusty squall wiping out many competitors at the gybe mark. Mitchell Galland and Mark Jackson were in the thick of this action with Mitchell’s boom seen protruding through Mark’s sail following their very close encounter. Again the fresh conditions continued well into the afternoon. Race 4 was won by Mark Fisher with Stuart 2nd, Mitchell Galland with a great effort in the heavy going after his problems in race 3 was 3rd and Roger 4th. The heavy conditions claimed more victims in race 4 with Andre Blasse breaking a mast.

It was a little lighter for race 5 on Sunday morning. Stuart won with Mark Fisher 2nd, Alister 3rd and Mark Jackson 4th. Race 6 became a bit of a lottery when the breeze dropped out at the last mark and then filled in from the opposite direction. Mark again lead for most of the race but lost out to Andre when the wind changed. Malcolm Steel was 2nd, Mark finished 3rd with Stuart 4th.

Conditions were again light on Monday morning. Justin Arthur lead early but the dying breeze and the lack of co-operation from the tide made for frustrating sailing. With the time limit running out the two Laser guys took the lead and headed out to sea but just failed to make it to the finish before time expired.

Overall it was an excellent event with close competition in a good range of conditions. Mark, and the two Laser guys Stuart and Alister all sailed well throughout the contest for their success. Thanks to the Black Rock officials and helpers in the club for their assistance in running a very good series in difficult conditions.

Report in the australian OK news from 1985:

Three Laser heavies (2 actually), one South Australian Olympic Finn Rep, two 470 - Fireball campaigners, one and a half New Zealanders, two New South Welshmen, two South Australians and sixteen and a half Victorian OK sailors made up the field for the 20th OK Interdomion's.

Black Rock once again played host to the OK's for a major championship, probably due to the fact that the OK committee is to lazy to use their trailers.

Just like the Vic's Mark Fisher dominated, winning four heats straight, some by minutes.

Heat One set the pattern for the regatta, Fisher first, followed by Stuart Wallace, Alister McClure (Laser Heavies) and Arthur Dunger fourth. Andre proving a model of consistency, started his series with an ego boosting D.S.Q.

The afternoon race saw Anthony Reynolds sporting a new sail second with the rest of the BOYS, Dunger third and Andre fourth. Phi1 Dubbin that noted Loser class hooter, [...]y hopper, just can't break old habits, he posted his first D.N.F. for the series, there were more to come.

After two exhausting races it was up to the bar, then off to the Williamson's for a welcome night banquet by the pool, Voger showing his usual restraint , drank himself under the table and into the spa, as part of his psyche up for heats 3 & 4. Mrs Blasse thought our training was getting out of hand and tried to hide the slab, but Andre from experience no doubt, found the booty much to our relief.

Saturday dawned with much enthusiam being showed by the competitors and the increasing wind strength. Voger showed that proper training and pysche always provides results, by following that guru of "training" his brother, home for a fine third, just ahead of Chris Pratt in his Bruce Kier Furniture.

But the action and drama occurred just behind this leading bunch as the fleet approached the gybe mark. As usual the strongest gust struck, resulting in a large cast swinging on centreboards, Mitchell Galland skillfully put his boom through Mark Jackson's sail narrowly missing his overturned craft upon capsize. Your out-of-control scribe assessed [...] situation and decided a granny was the safest course, thereby avoiding a swim and gaining many places. After the spray and sail cloth had cleared Malcolm Steel looked back at the carnage prompting him t o laugh and capsize.

Lunch and a quick sail change saw the fleet get away with Fisher cruising into first followed by Stuart Wallace with Mitchell showing some form for third with Voger working up to a hangover in fourth. Andre provided some expensive amusement at the leeward mark the last time by depositing his rig overboard, Andre couldn't understand why he wasn't moving. Howard Taylor by this stage of the game was a bit worried about his craftsability to turn left at the leeward mark, coz three times he ended up in the water t o score his third D.N.F.

Stuart finaly ended Fishers strangle hold on first place (in Mark's Hire Boat) with Mark being chased by another loser sailor Alister. Mark Jackson got his act together and stayed away from Mitchell to record a fourth.

Andre with his ill fitting spare mast beat Malcolm 'Jet' in very confusing light conditions with Fisher third ahead of Stuart. Ten competitors found it too confusing with two D.S.Q.'s, 5 D.N.F.'s and three D.N.S.

Tradionally Heat 7 never happens in a major series and this series was no exception, the leaders almost made it but for a strong tide and little wind.

All in all it was a most enjoyable series with a good range of breezes and excellent competition. Congratulations to Mark Fisher, lets hope Mark's domination continues through to the World's, also congratulations to Stuart and Alister who sailed very well and showed that a sensible approach to training does pay off.

Many thanks must go to Black Rock officials, the many parents who helped run races and provide food, and to the Williamson's who turned on a great Welcome Night along with a viewing platform on the water for the parents.

PlcNameSail No.Pts
1M. FisherKA 6203.0
2S. WallaceK 62030.0
3A. McclureKA 62848.8
4 J. ArthurKA 66252.4
5A. BlasseKA 63564.0
6M. SteelKA 65365.0
7L. McleanKZ 4567.0
8P. MilneKA 64267.1
9M. GallandKA 64668.7
10R. BlasseKA 59673.3
11C. PrattKA 61977.0
12M. JacksonKA 65678.7
13S. MooreKA 64982.0
14N. WilliamsonKA 64485.0
15D. AitchesonKA 612
16M. FryKA 363110.0
17C. CobbinKA 599112.0
18M. LeydonKZ /KA 615114.0
19A. BakerKA 627117.0
20A. ReynoldsKA 621126.0
21F. SchenkKA 617128.0
22J. BarrKA 660131.0
22B. HennessyKA 610131.0
24P. DubbinKA 517133.0
25H. TaylorKA 606139.0
26R. KempKA 561141.0
27T. DelacyKA 641152.0
28P. WhiteKA 513163.0
29H. KruseKA 598176.0