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Interdominion Championship & NZL National Champs 2018

Wakatere Boating Club, Auckland, New Zealand

February 09 - 11

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Luke O'Connell
Luke O'Connell

Wide range of conditions, starting light and ending heavy the first day, 3 races in rain but 10-15kn the second day, no races due to too much rain and low visibility on the last day.

Interdominion Championship & NZL National Champs 2018 Results
#Sail NoNameBoat NameClubR1R2R3R4R5R6TotalNett
1NZL 578Luke O'ConnellConstantineWorser Bay BC2371231811
2NZL 562Dan SlaterWater ShedWakatere BC17DNF2115912
3NZL 560Ben MorrisonLoudmouth SoupWakatere BC412151094126
4NZL 526Russell Page-WoodX2Wakatere BC155154114126
5NZL 545Steve McDowellPyroNapier SC94463154126
6GBR 536George CooperExtended Gap YahRORC36DNF10727528
7NZL 559Andrew PhillipsBumblebeeWakatere BC82113873928
8NZL 570Matthew MasonOK 570Wakatere BC109341254331
9NZL 580Rod DavisToolWakatere BC1617514566346
10AUS 753Mark SkeltonJABWangi YC7131512986449
11NZL 530David van der WendeOK 530Wakatere BC61410813146551
12NZL 551Mark PerrowMark PerrowWakatere BC12861717137356
13NZL 74Rohan Lord  52517914128257
14NZL 567Chris FenwickAllegroNapier SC241116711219066
15AUS 768Mark JacksonOut in the StreetBlack Rock YC19161219BFD411770
16NZL 563David HoogenboomWhite NoiseWakatere BC/Waiuku YC142414206179571
17NZL 542Alistair DeavesUpSuckerWakatere BC17192018161010080
18NZL 498Jono CloughOK 498Wakatere BC11221322182511186
19NZL 478Dan BushMac AttackWakatere BC3910827232012788
20NZL 575Mike WildeFlatironWakatere BC2615923282212395
21AUS 774Peter RobinsonSmokin' HotDrummoyne SC20181836221913397
22NZL 549Adrian ManneringAdes boatNapier SC321219412918151110
23NZL 561Brett DanielOK 561Wakatere BC18DSQ27111543161114
24NZL 565Simon ProbertBob KnoxiousWakatere BC223221242126146114
25NZL 523Joe PorebskiOK 523Worser Bay133422282629152118
26NZL 546Thomas OldsKermit's Middle FingerRAYC273025302016148118
27NZL 571Rob Hengst Napier SC252924371927161124
28NZL 574Philip RzepeckyKotukuWakatere BC2920DNC252730178131
29AUS 708Kelvin HoldtGreen Eggs and Ham TooSouthport Yacht Club2826DNC163131179132
30NZL 568Dean ColemanGrey MatterWakatere BC21313134DSQ28192145
31NZL 303Gordon SimsThe MarksmanWakatere BC4021DNF213236197150
32NZL 555Michael MorrisonBombshellWakatere BC413929332524191150
33NZL 517Paul RhodesSolitary ConfinementWorser Bay BCDNCDNCDNC132423201154
34AUS 727Don WilliamsCharter 470Black Rock YC422323433038199156
35NZL 564Sefton PowrieWalWakatere BC313328294042203161
36NZL 472Marc GriseDogWakatere BC33DSQ30353332210163
37AUS 726Peter Lynch Wangi YC303832323537204166
38NZL 466Tim McDowellNude AntWakatere BC443534263934212168
39AUS 764Nick GrayIce Ice BabyDrummoyne SC†3627DNC383433215168
40AUS 736Grant WakefieldSpace MonkeyDrummoyne SC2337DNC393739222175
41NZL 569Phil CovenyOK 569Wakatere BC344033403835220180
42NZL 554Martin PikeMmmmmNapier SC3841DNC313640233186
43NZL 485Chris Salthouse RNZYS432826DNFDNCDNC238191
44NZL 481Tony Saunders Worser Bay BC3542DNC424141248201
45AUS 552Christopher VisickMonkey TrunksBlack Rock Yacht Club3736DNCDNCDNCDNC261214
46NZL 479Bill MackyOK 479Wakatere BCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC282235

Not started, not finished, disqualified: 47pts