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Germany, Results 1996

Haltern, October 12-13, 1996

28 OK's came to Haltern. The weather was like in Zwischenahn: Sun and light shifty winds. Mainly because of the good food and free Beer on Saturday and coffee and cake on Sunday this event is so attractive.

Light winds, very shifty.

The first race was won by Rüdiger Prinz, followed by Jörn Richter and Martin von Zimmermann.

The second race was started in the dieing breeze and on the first reach all OK's decided to sail back to the habour, some minutes later the three guns also sent the 470's home.

On saturday night there was a lot of free beer and many different salads as well as some meat.

Again, light winds but with some gusts after some hours of postponement.

Fabian Gronholz played the shifts best to win the race and the event. Second in the race and the regatta was Sven Wormdobler. Uwe Boehm finished third in the race.

PlSail NbrNameR1R2Pts
1GER632Fabian Gronholz515.75
2GER570Sven Wurmdobler426
3GER693Martin von Zimmermann358
4GER679Oliver Gronholz7411
5GER618Peter Scheuerl6915
6GER664Thomas Neveling8715
7GER666Jörn Richter21719
8GER599Uwe Boehm18321
9GER686Kai Witt121022
10GER487Gunnar Goronzi17623
11GER605Rolf Münch16824
12GER473Jan Harder101424
13GER697Jörg Posny151126
14GER602Peter Stephan91827
15GER653Magnus Wienhoefer141327
16GER634Rüdiger Prinz1DNS29.75
17GER628Matthias Müller191938
18GER357Jörg Rademacher11DNS40
19GER607Birke TaufenbachDSQ1241
20GER615Klaus Stephan251641
21GER576Ralf Tietje13DNS42
22GER649Heike Münch232043
23GER642Ralf MackmannDNS1544
24GER589Jens Bock262147
25GER478Uwe Rademacher20DNS49
26GER698Jan Dietmar Dellas21DNS50
27GER680Marina Dellas22DNS51
28GER635Burkhard Rössau24DNS29

Bad Zwischenahn, October 5-6, 1996

28 sailors came to the Zwischenahner Meer, a lake in Oldenburg (north west of Germany, near the Netherlands) to help Ralf "Ossi" Tietje celebrate his 20 years of sailing OK.

It was perfect end summer weather : sun, clear air...and nearly no wind. On saturday at 11:00 the first of two races was started. Both races were held in shifty conditions which were hard to predict. Rüdiger Prinz, German champion 1996, showed his light wind dominance and won both races, followed by Peter Stephan in the first race and Ralf Mackmann in the second race.

On Sunday one race was scheduled for 11:00 but due to totally no wind it was postponed several times. At 13:00 the race committee tried to start in some wind, but big shifts and the lack of wind after the first triangle made them abandon the race.

PlSail NbrNameR1R2Pts
1GER634Rüdiger Prinz111.5
2GER618Peter Scheuerl358
3GER699Jörn Wille4610
4GER602Peter Stephan2911
5GER622Christian Hartmann7411
6GER576Ralf Tietje5813
7GER690Jan Dissel61016
8GER628Matthias Müller17320
9GER599Uwe Boehm81220
10GER642Ralf Mackmann19221
11GER707Thorsten Schmidt101525
12GER688Dirk Dame141125
13GER664Thomas Neveling111627
14GER595Guido Miesbach161430
15GER698Manfred Kiekbusch92433
16GER697Jörg Posny122133
17GER635Burkhard Rössau201333
18GER674Daniel Gröschel151833
19GER680Marina Dellas132235
20GER478Uwe Rademacher181735
21GER633Rainer Schroeter211940
22GER615Klaus Stephan222042
23GER649Sven WurmdoblerDNC743
24GER654Axel Reuter232548
25GER590Andre Hennings26DNF52
26GER640Ralf MleckoDNC2359
27GER589Jens Bock24DNC60
28GER620Anette Münch25DNC60

Bad Segeberg

September 21-22

1GER672Karsten Hitz3.75
2GER649Sven Wurmdobler14
3GER686Kai Witt18
4GER618Peter Scheuerl20
5GER449Sönke Behrens24
6GER607Ingo Ballerstein26
7GER679Jörg Sylvester36
8GER453Oliver Grohnholz39
9GER690Jan Dissel39.5
10GER632Fabian Grohnholz40
11GER674Carsten Hammer45
12GER666Jörn Richter58
13GER67Martin Marschner64.5
14GER595Guido Misbach68
15GER630Norbert Petrausch74
16GER620Anette Münch74
17GER623Hendrik Baumgart75
18GER670Birke Taufenbach77
19GER654Axel Reuter84
20GER334Berndt Thomann95

German Nationals and Open 1996

September 5-9

The German championships were held from 5th to 8th September on lake Dümmer in the north west of Germany.

43 sailors competed, including Alistair Deaves from England, who was on a European sailing tour since Kiel Week, and Rob Hengst from New Zealand, who was in Europe since the 1995 Worlds.

Lake Dümmer is a shallow (1m, sometimes less) lake around 3km long and 2km wide. The regatta was held in light to mid winds from northern directions which have been very shifty. The course was triangle-saussage-triangle. All six races were won by different sailors and all, except one, by a small margin.

The hosting Sailing Club Clarholz organised good social events, like free beer during protest time at the boat park, special prices after each day and meals in the evenings. The organisers also didn't mind that many of us slept on the first floor of the clubhouse without paying for it. It was a very friendly event with fair sailing (no protests made or needed) in very difficult conditions.

Thursday September 5th
Two races scheduled. Light north easterly winds shifting left to north-west, sometimes just hiking conditions.

First race
After a shift to the left just between the first generall recall and the (black flag) start, most of the fleet went left. Just some hundred meters before the windward mark, a gust from 30 degrees to the right saw Peter Scheuerl first, he continued to lead the fleet at all marks, followed by Rainer Rehbehn, Sönke Behrens, Torsten Teutloff and Rüdiger Prinz. At the last beat Peter found a wind hole and the others knew where not to go.

Winner: Sönke Behrens, second Rainer Rehbehn followed by Torsten Teutloff.

Second race
North westerly wind up to 4 Bft. Left side of the beat was favoured, but sometimes the right corner was also good.

Karsten Hitz lead the fleet for the first half, only to be caught by Gunter Peters on the third beat. In the building breeze they managed to build a gap to the rest of the fleet. Lucky there was no on the water Jury. Isabell Reppert, who was there to take photos for an OK-portrait in the yachting press, told us in the evening that it was not possible to take photos on the run because the boats were rolling too much...

Winner: Gunter Peters, Karsten Hitz and Jörn Wille.

Friday, September 6
Again shifty conditions but more wind.

Third race
Rainer "I had a dream of winning" Rehbehn lead the fleet for the whole race but his traveller sheet broke on the last beat, Jörn Wille overtook him during the repair.

Winner: Jörn Wille, Rainer Rehbehn and Ingo Ballerstein.

Fourth race
The breeze builded up to 5 Bft in some gusts. While in the race before the left corner was in favour, on the starting beat in nearly no wind the right was favoured as the wind built up there first with a 50 degree shift wich came back left too late for most on the left.

Kai "Aggi" Witt was first with a small margin at the first mark, but in the first gust of the building breeze he managed to start planing away with most of the fleet still beating. As most of the sailors in front of the fleet at the first mark were light-weather experts, a lot of places changed during the race.

Winner: Kai "Aggi" Witt, Karsten Hitz and Rüdiger Prinz.

Saturday September 7
Light winds with gusts coming from the right or left together with shifts up to 60 degrees.

Rüdiger Prinz lead the fleet together with Ralf "Ossi" Tietje, Rainer Rehbehn and Jörn Wille. It became clear that the championship would be won by either Jörn "Mr. High-Tech" Wille or Rüdiger "lake runner" Prinz.

Winner: Rüdiger Prinz, Ralf "Ossi" Tietje and Rainer Rehbehn.

After this race Rüdiger and Jörn had -without discard- the same points, Rübe got a sixth to discard and Jörn a 10th. Noone else could win.

Sunday September 8
Light to mid north-westerly winds, shifty, as the days before.

Just from the five minutes gun on, Jörn and Rübe started a match-race. Ingo Ballerstein lead the whole race with Alistair Deaves and Manuel Finder just behind at the last mark. Rüdiger Prinz, around 15 at the first mark, with Jörn Wille just behind, managed to be 7th at the last mark followed by Jörn Wille. If Jörn could get in front of Rübe and in the top 5 he would have won.

On the last beat, Ingo paid attention only to the boats just behind him, as there was a gap of 100 meters to Rainer Rehbehn and Peter Scheuerl. These saw a gust coming from the right with a 50 degree shift and went about 200 meters right. Rübe stayed between Jörn and the finish all the beat. Due to the big shift "clever old man" Rainer and Peter managed to overtake the first boats and Peter was a bit faster on the last meters to get the gun.

Winner: Peter Scheuerl, Rainer Rehbehn and Ingo "I came to Win" Ballerstein. The 5th place of Reudiger Prinz was enough to be champion.

1Rüdiger PrinzGER 63446431516.75
2Jörn WilleGER 699103144718.75
3Rainer RehbehnGER 5952152113220
4Ingo BallersteinGER 607983127330
5Karsten HitzGER 6727211212DNS34
6Peter ScheuerlGER 6185912917135.75
7Ralf MackmannGER 64263215691248
8Sönke BehrensGER 44912085231548.75
9Gunter PetersGER 674181514111848.75
10Ralf TietjeGER 57626771721649
11Harald KölschGER 606194915101351
12Thorsten SchmidtGER 7071413131028656
13Kai WittGER 686155221251456.75
14Jörg SylvesterGER 679817177142763
15Thorsten TeutloffGER 7033162813261068
16Volkmar KieneGER 2252819162351174
17Uwe BoehmGER 599301014166DNS76
18Christian SenstGER 570132721268977
19Alistair DeavesGBR 20101621192219479
20Christian HartmannGER 6222022621302291
21Sven WurmdoblerGER 649231120829DNS91
22Gerd BreitbartGER 66229142624161797
23Dirk DameGER 68821181820342097
24Marina Dellas (FGER 680122524273721109
25Jörn RichterGER 6662526102524DNF110
26Dirk GerickeGER 695171233193237113
27Rainer SchroeterGER 633112929321332114
28Manuel FinderGER 57934313028228119
29Rob HengstNZL 473352323362025126
30Dieter SenstGER 577272838292719130
31Matthias MüllerGER 628323934182130135
32Jan DisselGER 6902424DNSDNS1824136
33Kirstin BrandGER 6373137273115DNF141
34Thomas NevelingGER 664223537333126147
35Burkhard RössauGER 635373325303831156
36Norbert PetrauschGER 630333435343335169
37Birke TaufenbachGER 670404032384023173
38Rolf MünchGER 605393639373628176
39Hendrik BaumgartGER 623383840404229185
40Axel ReuterGER 654364241393534185
41Jens BockGER 589414336353936187
42Nis WelmGER 678DNS3031DNFDNSDNS195
43Juliane HofmannGER 542424142414133198

59. Warnemünder Woche

July 11-13

29 OK's from Germany and Britain came to Warnemünde from 11.7 to 13.7 to sail five, of the scheduled 6, races.

The Warnemünder racing area provides for perfect sailing as the course is laid directly in front of the harbour on the open Baltic. With wind from west over north to north east- the normal directions in northern Germany, a big and long wave is building up. Only sailing out to the start may be difficult in some wind, due to some current and the waves.

On the first two days of sailing the wind was blowing 3-5 Beaufort from the west. The OKs sail together with 470s and Europes on the traditional triangle course.

Thursday 11.7
Two races scheduled, wind 5 Beaufort from the west. After a storm on Tuesday, which prevented the two British boats from thinking about training ("waves breaking over the lighthouse"- the official statement was 4m waves), there was still a long wave in the morning (about 1m), getting lower over the day - perfect reaching conditions!

First race
Course length was like at the worlds. Martin von Zimmermann lead the fleet with Peter Scheuerl second, followed by Sönke Behrens. On the second beat Martin got some problems with the mainsheet and got caught by Peter and on the finishing beat by Sönke. Due to stable wind direction, the race was decided mainly by boatspeed and by trying to get to the left in order to avoid some current on the right.

Second race
The wind decreased a little, down to 3 Beaufort on the last beat. Again Martin lead before Peter with Jörn Wille third. Martin was well in front and Jörn made a clever move on the final beat to finish second.

Some free beer provided by the race committee and the beautiful promenade of Warnemünde made the evening very enjoyable.

Friday 12.7
Again the wind direction was west, about 5 Bft, and again with waves, but not as high as on Thursday. The sun came out during the day. The conditions were perfect.

Third race
Karsten Hitz, who hadn't managed to get out of bed and on the road on Thursday, showed his dominance with some wind and waves on the beat to lead the fleet with nearly 100 meters from the first mark followed by Peter and Martin. Karsten won with Martin overtaking Peter on the finish.

Fourth race
Again Karsten did a horizon job. Martin second on the first beat, with Peter and Sönke following. Peter reached somewhat faster on the triangle to be second for the rest of the race with a hard fight with Martin on the run. Again Martin managed to be some centimeters in front of Peter on the line.

Saturday 13.7
Sun and westerly winds again. The wind decreased during the fifth race.

Fifth race
Martin lead at the first mark with Jörn Wille second, followed by Hinnerk Ries and Karsten Hitz. On the second beat Karsten took the lead on the first mark with Hinnerk second and Martin and Jörn following. After the run these four boats were close together with Peter following. Due to the dieing breeze the last beat became very tricky. Jörn Wille managed to be first on the line followed by Karsten, Hinnerk and Martin.

The sixth race was started in nearly no wind, which hah shifted 60 degrees north between the races. It was expected to shift back, but the race committee let the fleet go. As it was not possible to fetch the line on starbord at the gun, Peter managed a port start because he was the only one who waited behind the pin end. The first beat started to become a high reach. Unlike during Kiel Week, the race committee noticed this and imeadetly abandoned the race. As it was already 16:30, the committee decided not to try again.

With these five races, and one discard, Martin von Zimmerman, who improved his upwind speed in a breeze, even without wheight-jacket, won the 59. Warnemünder Woche from Peter and Jörn Wille.

The conditions with big waves and some wind have hopefully been a good training for the Worlds in Vaberg.

1GER693Martin v. Zimmermann312247.75
2GER618Peter Scheuerl133359.75
3GER699Jörn Wille10254111.75
4GER670Hinnerk Ries4495316
6GER634Rüdider Prinz57710625
7GBR2010Alistair Deaves658111230
8GER679Jörg Sylvester89691332
9GER672Karsten HitzDNCDNS11233.5
10GER695Dirk Gericke7141215841
11GER622Christian Hartmann11818121041
12GER453Oliver Gronholz14121314948
13GER628Matthias Müller121314132352
14GBR2071Alan Atkin91117182055
15GER703Torsten TeutloffDNSDNS1181160
16GER690Jan DisselDNSDNS1071663
17GER659Falk Hagemann171621171565
18GER638Uwe Friedrich1310DNSDNS1467
19GER630Norbert Petrausch161819191972
20GER633Rainer Schroeter15DNS15DNS1777
21GER301Andreas KudellaDNFDNS16162477
22GER527Eberhard LangerDNS1520DNS2186
23GER143Hendryk PoeschelDNFDNS22DNF2690
24GER654Axel Reuter1817DNSDNSDNS95
25GER542Juliane HofmannDNSDNS23DNF2599
26GER632Fabian GrohnholzDNFDNSDNFDNSDNS105
27GER664Thomas NevelingDNSDNSDNSDNS18108
28GER692Horst DuweDNSDNSDNSDNS22112

Baltic Regatta

June 8-9

Report courtesy Peter Scheuerl, OK GER 618

15 OK sailors, mostly from northern Germany, came to Kiel on June 8th to participate in the Baltic regatta, with Contenders, Int. 14-foot skiffs and 505s. The course was a triangle-sausage with both start and finish in the middle of the beat.

Two races scheduled. Westerly light winds, warm (32 Celsius) and sunny.

First race
In a light breeze most of the fleet went right, but after a few hundred metres Rüdiger Prinz (GER634) went left with Sönke Behrens (GER449) and Kirstin Brand (GER637), hoping for more wind there. Their hope was realised and the group arrived first in this order at the first mark, followed by Peter Scheuerl (GER618) and Rainer Rehbehn (GER595), who just came back to the OK after a 12-year break (he started his OK-career in the late sixties!).

On the second and only full-length beat the first three went left again. Peter, fourth at the leeward mark went right and got a 30 degree shift to be first at the windward mark, followed by Rüdiger. Rüdiger got back the lead on the run again to win the race, Peter second and Kirstin 3rd.

Due to an oncoming thunderstorm the race committee postponed the second race to the next day.

It was too hazy in the morning for sailing so the races where postponed until 13:30. Light westerly winds.

Second race
A big shift to the left caused all boats start on port and nearly fetch the mark. After a shift back to the right shortly before the first mark, Sönke lead with the whole fleet following. With a gust before the gybing mark there was nearly a new start at this mark, with Rüdiger Prinz again in front. On the second beat there was a big right shift which saw Rüdiger in front of Peter, followed by Rainer Rehbehn and Jörn Richter (GER666). On the finishing beat Rainer overtook Peter to finish second behind Rüdiger.

Third race
The race committee decided to sail the shortened course which meant only a triangle with no long beat.

Rüdiger was first at the windward mark, followed by Sönke and Kirstin, who caught up with Sönke on the reach. The wind increased to about 8 m/s on the final beat wich let Sönke and Peter overtake Kirstin and close the gap with Rüdiger. Peter second, Sönke third.

PlSail NbrNameR1R2R3Pts
1GER634Rüdiger Prinz1112.25
2GER618Peter Scheuerl2327
3GER678Nis Welm46414
4GER595Rainer Rehbehn82515
5GER449Sönke Behrens59317
6GER637Kirstin Brand38617
7GER703Thorsten Teutloff95822
8GER666Jörn Richer641525
9GER623Hendrik Baumgart771428
10GER632Fabian Gronholz1110930
11GER261Andreas Ludwig12111134
12GER383Daniel Gröschel10131336
13GER672Martin MarschnerDNS12738
14GER630Norbert PetrauschDNS14127
15GER606Harald KölschDNSDNFDNS57


May 25-26

Report courtesy Peter Scheuerl, OK GER 618

42 OK's from all over Germany came to the Whitsun regatta on lake Schwerin, located between Hamburg and Berlin. Four races with one discard were sailed.

After strong rain in the morning, it became dry in time for the first start, but with the rain also the wind decreased. It remained cloudy with around 1-2 Beaufort of wind from the west.

First race
Positions changed a lot because of the very shifty wind, but it soon became clear that the right side was favoured.

Karsten Hitz (GER672) won, Kirstin Brand (GER637) was second with Uwe Boehm (GER599) third.

Second race
The wind was still very light with some gusts and still shifty. The first mark saw Ingo Ballerstein (GER607) first, coming from the right, andhe never lost his lead during the race. From the second beat on it was only possible to catch boats wich made big mistakes e.g. going to the left. Rüdiger Prinz (GER634) finished second, with Jan Dissel (GER690) third.

On Saturday evening there was some free beer and barbeque.

Some more wind from the west.

Third race
The wind increased to around 4 Bft. Karsten was second on the first mark, following Martin von Zimmermann (GER693) with Jörn Wille (GER699) third. Karsten overtook Martin on the reach to win the race with a 150m lead. Peter Scheuerl (GER618) overtook Jörn on the run to be third for the last triangle. After Martin going not far enough right on the last beat, Peter finished second with Martin third.

Fourth race
Karsten won again in the decreasing breeze. On the first beat the left side was favoured, but then again the right side seemed to promise more pressure. Jörn Wille finished second with Harald Kölsch (GER606) third.

PlSail NbrNameR1R2R3R4Pts-1
1GER672Karsten Hitz16112.25
2GER607Ingo Ballerstein121448.75
3GER699Jörn Wille1675214
4GER606Harald Kölsch1549316
5GER690Jan Dissel53271018
6GER634Rudiger Prinz14211922
7GER599Uwe Boehm31512722
8GER618Peter Scheuerl101121823
9GER449Sönke Behrens41461624
10GER707Thorsten Schmidt17810826
11GER225Volkmar Kiene131216631
12GER576Ralf Tietje27237535
13GER622Christian Hartmann616131735
14GER693Martin von Zimmerman252231213
15GER642Ralf Mackmann111314DNF38
16GER577Dieter Senst710292340
17GER602Peter Stephan927201342
18GER670Hinnerk Ries281781944
19GER637Kirstin Brand22123DNF46
20GER539Carsten Sass2619171147
21GER473Jan Harder820252149
22GER628Mathias Müller2124181554
23GER659Falk Hagemann199302957
24GER605Anette Münch18537DNF60
25GER680Marina Dellas3528191461
26GER570Christian Senst2026222668
27GER635Burkhard Rössau2235282070
28GER632Fabian Gronholz2929212575
29GER695Dirk Gericke3436152776
30GER280Jörg Engler3330242478
31GER453Oliver Gronholz2434332279
32GER664Thomas Neveling301835DNF83
33GER646Henning Dresel3225342885
34GER301Andreas Kudella313126DNC43
35GER633Rainer Schroeter2333DNFDNC97
36GER702Peter Wesserling4038313099
37GER630Norbert Petrausch36373232100
38GER313Holger Lauschke38403631105
39GER542Juliane Hofmann3732DNFDNC110
40GER38Michael Krohn42413833112
41GER31Michael Wollschlaeger39423934112
42GER636Tobias Noe4139DNSDNC123