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Germany, Kieler Woche 1995

Seven races were sailed in Kiel, some of them on a course with two leeward marks for free choice to round one to port or the other to starboard, some on the new Olympic trapezoid. The race area for the OK is directly in front of the harbour, together with the 420 class.

On the first day two races in very shifty and light conditions, second day two races in moderate to strong winds in which one OK from Poland sunk, which means that this (old) boat would never have passed a measurement. On the third day two races in moderate breeze and on the last day one race in moderate wind.

Karsten Hitz from Germany not only won the first prize in the OK but also the "Commodores Cup" for the boat scoring the least points of all Classes starting in the first (International classes) part of the Kiel Week (12 classes). Karsten won 5 out of the seven races with another 2nd to count and a 7th to discard!

In Kiel, like last year, the jury was on the water with small rubber boats to use the "yellow flag rule"- if someone infringed rule 54 (pumping, rocking, sculling) he was shown a yellow flag and had to do a 720 or got DSQ, if a second time DND, which once happened to Hedley Fletcher from GBR (from the same jury which was at the Worlds five weeks later).

57 OK's from 6 nations competed.

PosSail NoNameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Pts
1GER 672Karsten Hitz71211117
2DEN 1246Anders Andersen1115232316
3POL 17Mateusz Kusznierewicz6813231723
4GBR 2059David Rose14203558439
5GER 621Reemt Reemtsma221216PMS6543
6POL 67Boguslaw Moczorodynski9967413DNC48
7GER 699Jörn Wille5717DNC2312266
8GER 634Rüdiger Prinz15321149151268
9GER 618Peter Scheuerl1225820691570
10GER 654Helmut Mannsbarth19614DNC1410972
11POL 91Rafal Szukiel41391013DNC2776
12GBR 2073Hedley Fletcher3474PMSDND1389
13SWE 99Jan-Eric Nystedt1626136PMS441106
14POL 113Pjotr Soltan10103523172622108
15GER 606Harald Kölsch51141515222121108
16POL 33Michael Leszczynski2652322291718111
17GER 607Ingo Ballerstein8281819193519111
18GER 703Torsten Teutloff182442413183616113
19GER 698Jan-Dietmar Dellas283548PMS735117
20GER 707Thorsten Schmidt273426DNC10166119
21GER 482Martin von ZimmermannPMS3011DNC1157122
22GBR 2010Alaister Deaves111634DNC271420122
23GER 449Sönke Behrens4022371226188123
24POL 46Marian Jankowski2529229122731124
25GBR 1985David Carroll171539DNC82224125
26POL 116Adam Sztormowski132136DNC312014135
27DEN 1261Tom Pedersen303116DNC242810139
28GBR 2074Terry Curtis24333311153033146
29GBR 2060Greg Casey204410DNC73139151
30SWE 2739Peder Thunander414025DNC211125163
31SWE 2729Hans Elkjær224327DNC251932168
32GBR 2056Giles Hudson38DNC3221162343173
33GER 695Dirk GerickeDNCDNC2017202929173
34GBR 2054Kenneth Carroll211919DNCDNCDNC11186
35GER 679Jörg Sylvester352738DNC322430186
36GER 570Sven Wurmdobler391831DNC303238188
37GER 690Jan Dissel324243DNC372523202
38POL 31Antoni Pawlowski23172918DNCDNCDNC203
39GER 655Niels Schoenrock343230DNC333442205
40GER 680Marina Dellas473628DNC283334206
41GBR 2071Alan Atkin313740DNC354049232
42POL 143Robert Andrzejak424745DNC343736241
43DEN 1260Henning Biering Nielsen3712DNCDNCPMSDNC26249
44GER 630Norbert Petrausch434947DNC364140256
45GER 688Dirk Dame4441DNCDNC393937258
46GER 649Regina Schubert3639DNCDNC384247260
47DEN 1271Rene Johannsen502341DNCDNCDNC52282
48POL 189Michal Szymankiewicz2938DNCDNCDNCDNC44285
49GER 635Burkhard Rössau4846DNCDNCDNCDNC28296
50POL 383Krysztof Gidrewicz334842DNSDNCDNCDNC297
51GER 623Michael Westphal495044DNCDNC38DNC297
52GER 702Peter Wesserling555350DNC40DNF53309
53DEN 1285Per Trolle4545DNCDNCDNCDNC46310
54NED 659Ton Vogelzang525146DNCDNCDNC45310
55GER 664Thomas Neveling46DNC48DNCDNFDNC48316
56GER 665Jörg Schroll535249DNCDNCDNC50320
57GER 383Daniel Gröschel54DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC51337