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Germany, Pfingstregatta 2009

Tight racing at the gybe mark

Turn-und Sportverein Schilksee e.V, Schlei, Mai 30th - June 1st

Report by Gunter Arndt

Witsun Racing at the Schlei

33 dinghies found their way to Borgwedel in Northern Germany. Before I checked the Internet and our Forum what I should expect. The Forum said: no waves, the water just a little bit salty, no open sea, no danger for lakesailors…..

Well, launching the boats was already an exciting experience with strong winds directly onto the ramp. The racing area was fine, just a bit smaller then 4 km wide.

Day 1:
Two races in rough NE wind with clear results: Karsten Hitz 2x1, Greg Wilcox 2x2 and Martin von Zimmermann 2x3 an myself 2x4.
Followed some mixed placements caused by capsizes which could be seen by black-brown tops of sails (3m is the deepest).
In the evening we had a bbq at the youthhostel, were we also stayed during the regatta.

Peit and Greg Wilcox
Peit Petrausch and Greg Wilcox

Day 2:
Less wind, less trouble to leave the ramp. On the water very shifty conditions and decreasing wind. We hold 4 races which mixed up the results. Just Karsten and Greg proved to be consistantly in the front.
In the evening warm food at the youthhostel and sit ins at the bungalows.

Day 3:
Finally summer temperatures, but even lighter wind and bigger shifts. Peit had to reset the whole course several times. We managed to sail 2 races.
Greg was by the end sovereign in front of Karsten and Jorgen Holm. I got 4th on equal points and have to write the report….

A very nice witsun weekend all inclusive: 3 meals per day, Sleeping in bungalows, 8 good races with conditions for every taste - > thanks to Peit and Ossi for organising.

Pfingstregatta 2009 - Results
1NZL 522Greg WilcoxBSC2252134111.0
2GER 744Karsten HitzSSC1145352616.0
3DEN 4Jorgen HolmDEN 981818273231.0
4GER 672Gunter ArndtFYC4410310461031.0
5GER 731Thomas GlasSSC6103112159332.0
6GER 717Oliver GronholzSSC5111169127538.0
7GER 693Martin Von ZimmermannSCOE33211181112838.0
8GER 645ArnelindemannSCS1223118525738.0
9DEN 1368Christian HedlundDEN 20561014114DNC50.0
10GER 745Rainer PospiechYCBG1512122211611254.0
11GER 755Ingo StelzerBSV10914768201754.0
12GER 747Andreas PichLYC111794229131863.0
13GER 665Peter StephanSCST8132315816191171.0
14GER 750Ralf TietjeSVG1378131518161672.0
15GER 662Gerd BreitbartSCOE2722199171781484.0
16GER 727Jürgen SpliethKYC1718723242317486.0
17GER 760Andreas DeubelHSC14615212113DNCDNC90.0
18GER 711Ralf MackmannSCST16251620201911991.0
19GER 607Christian HeinzeSCVDNCDNC1314410302293.0
20DEN 1357Henning NielsenDEN 19162117714212093.0
21GER 737Thorsten SchmidtSCV71522192520151995.0
22GER 666Jan HartmannBSV23DNC1761622221598.0
23GER 606Katharina HußSCFR2420241213252721114.0
24GER 632Fabian GronholzSSC1814202431DNC2513114.0
25GER 643Jürgen IllersSCO2524252919271823134.0
26DEN 1265Malte PedersenDEN 2219323128212325138.0
27GER 724Marina DellasOYC2621272529302624149.0
28GER 651Heinz RidderSVPB2827262723242428151.0
29GER 715Sven BeyeSSCDNCDNC282627DNC1027152.0
30GER 714Christian HußSCFR2126333226263129159.0
31GER 649Kai WehmhörnerSCV29283030DNC312826171.0
32GER 567Jan BeckmannSVPBDNCDNC292830293231179.0
33SUI 66Julian Von CöllnSUI DNCDNC3133DNC282930185.0