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German National Championship 2008

Wassersport Verein Friedrichshafen-Fischbach, Lake Constance, Mai 30th - June 1st

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The International German Championship on lake Bodensee in the southern Part of Germany was dominated by light winds apart from a thunderstorm on saturday.
Sitting, waiting, wishing was part of the patience game - especially that the race officer Mr. Peter H�rger would finally be able to lay a proper starting line and a fair course.

Both the Danes were stong from the begining on. Jorgen Holm (DEN 14) was leading till Juliane Hofmann (GER 699) overtook him at the end of the second day. Two strong wind races in saturdays thunderstorm mixed up the places completely. Finaly after a light wind sunday Rene Johansen (DEN 1370) could consolidate his lead and became German Champ in 2008. Second was Juliane Hofmann, a result a women has never achived so far in the OK-classe before. Jorgen Holm became third over all.

Second best German was Martin von Zimmermann (GER 693) on place 4, followed by Olliver Gronholz (GER 717) and Thomas Glas (GER 731). 42 starters from five nations took part in the event.

German National Championship 2008 - Results
1DEN 1361Rene JohansenKBL441215314
2GER 699Juliane HofmannSWS511774118
3DEN 14Jorgen HolmKBL164418419
4GER 693M. v. ZimmermannSCOe714332823
5GER 717Oliver GronholzSSC2122OCS11532
6GER 731Thomas GlasSSC1497161437
7POL 101Bartosz RakocyZLKS20212517238
8GER 656Andreas PichLYC13710651341
9GER 688Dirk DameSVM171088103053
10GER 750Ralf TietjeSVG1015911131053
11GER 737Thorsten SchmidtSCV12859232256
12GER 711Ralf MackmannSCH163161482357
13GER 671Andreas DeubelHSC6161110281861
14GER 697J�rg PosnySCST2722131331162
15GER 691Stefan BleichSVS35DNFDNF11674
16GER 659Falk HagemannSWS8212116141776
17POL 27Jakub KaniaZLKS91724DNF22577
18GER 607Christian HeinzeSCV1513291924778
19GER 559Marion R�ckWYC1120332072583
20GER 745Rainer PospiechYCBG18OCS231591984
21GER 662Gerd BreitbartSC�35111423193198
22BEL 214Paul Verrijdt 28191818163499
23GER 735Dirk GerickeSGE232915212021100
24GER 640Sven MarchotSGSP32253117269108
25GER 577Yves KaminskiSVEW193225272712110
26BEL 220Ronny PoelmanKLYC242626222120113
27GER 651Heinz RidderSVP211822253538121
28GER 687Gunnar GoronziSCST25DSQ27243716129
29GER 645Arne LindemannPSCW22OCS612DNS41130
30GER 63Joachim UllrichASVS312728262924134
31GER 567Karl-Hans G�hring 2630DNFDNF1233150
32GER 599Uwe B�hmSCST30DSQ20DNF2532156
33GER 664Thomas NevelingSCPS382336DNF3029156
34GER 588Joachim SingethanASVS333332DNF3228158
35GER 550Ortwin ZimmerBSG MTU343434DNF3627165
36LUX 1Michel Lesure 292430DNFDNS39171
37GER 596Albrecht, TorstenESF392819DNFDNS40175
38GER 630Norbert PetrauschTSVS4035DNFDNF3126181
39GER 497Rolf MeilenbrockSCST413635DNF3436182
40GER 543Alexander HirschASVS3731DNFDNF3335185
41GER 357Ralf GerbigSCST4237DNFDNF3837203
42GER 694Gunnar SpechtPSCW36OCSDNFDNFDNS42225