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Germany, Pfingstregatta 2006

Lake Wittensee

June 3rd - 5th

This year the Pfingstregatta was held on lake Wittensee, about 100 Km north of Hamburg. the lake is nearly square with clear fresh water. the weather was nice but quite cold, so the heaters in the club room where welcomed.

Saturday two races in about 15 knots of wind.

Sunday four races in about 15-23 knots of wind.

Monday the first glimse of summer came with sun and rising temperatures, but unfortunately no wind for sailing.

PosSail NoNameR1R2R3R4R5R6tot-1
1.GER 693Martin v. Zimmermann2142128,0
2.NZL 522Greg Wilcox16147DNC19,0
3.GER 707Thorsten Schmidt85254319,0
4.GER 731Thomas Glas53393620,0
5.GER 690Sönke Behrens34635821,0
6.GER 656Andreas Pich42778424,0
7.GER 632Fabian Gronholz1275116534,0
8.POL 1Tomacs Gaz69810DNF740,0
9.GER 717Oliver GronholzDNCDNC1012142,0
10.GER 539Carsten Sass10121169945,0
11.GER 718Peter Scheuerl14101912101157,0
12.GER 666Jan Hartmann1816128151061,0
13.GER 702Ingo Stelzer11141514111464,0
14.GER 697Jörg Posny13111613141364,0
15.GER 694Gunnar Specht1520916131265,0
16.GER 659Falk Hagemann16211317121573,0
17.GER 645Arne Lindemann91314DNF16DNF80,0
18.GER 699Jule Hofmann7817DNFDNCDNC88,0
19.GER 100Bernd Willmann22222321171698,0
20.GER 651Heinz Ridder19232119DNF1799,0
21.GER 661Michael WichmannDNC151815DNCDNC104,0
22.GER 725Christian Hartmann17192020DNCDNC104,0
23.GER 698Wilhelm Kath21172218DNCDNC106,0
24.GER 728Karsten Kath2018DNFDNCDNCDNC122,0
25.GER 30Sebastian Knorr232424DNFDNFDNC127,0
26.GER 240Erik Warnecke242525DNFDNCDNC130,0
27.GER 283Tobias Willmann25DNFDNCDNCDNCDNC137,0