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Germany, Warnemünder Woche 2004

July 09th - 11th

Very Light on the first day, then strong south westerlies

On the first day there was a very light and shifty northerly. After 4 hours of drifting and waiting we had one race wich was shortened to get results at all.

On the second day the conditions had changed to a nice 24 knot breeze (12 m/s) from south west, also the famous Warnemünde waves had arrived.
Most of the fleet had real fun, only the course was quite close to the shore, so that on the outer Loop, our course, the waves came from 30 degree different angle and were less high than further out.
Three races were sailed, all won by Karsten Hitz who was only challanged by Jorgen Lindhardtsen and Greg Wilcox in the last race of the day.
The next boats were Greg Wilcox, Martin von Zimmermann and Sönke Beherns wich all showed very good speed.
Due to the close shore, the wind was shifty enough to make some tactical gains or losses.
With Christian Senst, another Proctor Carbon mast broke in just more than two weeks, after Nick Craigs at Kiel. The mast broke at nearly the same point between the deck and the gooseneck, making it look like a construction problem with these lightweight masts.

On Sunday, the last racing day, the wind picked up to up to 30 knots, making the reaches and runs even more fun. The waves got longer and bigger. Again Karsten won, but Martin von Zimmermann was able to pass Jorgen Lindhardtsen.
After one race the Race Committee decided to send us home as the wind was still rising.

Beside the rain wich struck us every afternoon on the shore, it was a nice event again, proving Warnemünde as one of the best sailing areas in Europe.

Best placed boat with aluminium mast was Peter Scheuerl, Carsten Saß next Aluminium mast.

1GER 727Karsten HitzSSC1111114,0
2DEN 1280Jorgen LindthardtsenHVS122338,0
3GER 693Martin von ZimmermannSCOeOCS944219,0
4GER 690Sönke BehrensSCOE13456419,0
5GER 665Peter StephanSCST5675521,0
6NZL 522Greg WilcoxWBBC16332DNF24,0
7GER 718Peter ScheuerlNRV21568726,0
8GBR 2085Waldron GavinSSSC157127834,0
9DEN 1303John-Skjoldby PetersenRSK1481110635,0
10GER 725Christian HartmannVSaW61299DNF36,0
11GER 624Thomas GlasSSC2010812939,0
12GER 699Juliane HofmannSWS21618171651,0
13GER 659Falk HagemannSWS101417181253,0
14GER 720Daniel GröschlYCSOCS1316131153,0
15GER 539Carsten SaßLYC171515151055,0
16DEN 1322Ivan PedersenHVS19181011DNC58,0
17GER 710Christian SenstUSV Pots41113DNFDNC65,0
18DEN 132Bo TeglersHVS319DNC14DNF73,0
19GER 645Arne LindemannPSCW272219191373,0
20GER 630Norbert PetrauschTSVS182121201574,0
21DEN 1323Troels LykkeHVS817DNCDNC1476,0
22GER 651Heinz RidderSVPB222320DNC1782,0
23GER 621Andre HenningsCKA24DNF1416DNC91,0
24DEN 1327Peter NielsenVSB7DNCDNCDNCDNC118,0
25GER 473Yves KaminskiSVEW2520DNCDNCDNC119,0
26GER 606Katharina HußSCFr9DNFDNCDNCDNC120,0
27GER 607Christian HeinzeSCV12DNCDNCDNCDNC123,0
28GER 691Wofgang FeierabendWYC23DNCDNCDNCDNC134,0
29GER 714Christian HußSCFr26DNCDNCDNCDNC137,0
30GER 674Kai WagnerWVM28DNCDNCDNCDNC139,0