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Germany, Kieler Woche 2004

June 21th - 24th

by Nick Craig

The OK class at Kiel Week 2004 saw 40 sailors entered from eight countries. Four British sailors braved the European motorway network for the 10 hour drive to northern Germany, for some typically shifty Kiel weather. One of the favourites for the overall title was Nick Craig, but a broken mast in the first race and a lack of consistent wind and cancelled races towards the end of the regatta meant he had to count a DNC, but still ended up a creditable 6th overall after posting a 2, 2, 1, 6, 1 scoreline. Enjoying the flukey conditions to the full, Craig showed he had the speed to win and by sailing conservatively was always on the front line whichever direction the wind decided to turn to next.

The current European Champion Bart Bomans from Belgium showed good speed as well, combined with a knack for making the best of the shifts. His scoreline of 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 4, 4 meant he had won with a day to spare and bodes well for the World Championship at Parkstone in July. Consistency was going to pay handsomely, and the next four boats were within nine points of each other, while several of the early front runners piled up some large scores, some OCSs and dropped down the results sheet.

Other British sailors Robert Deaves and Will Turner traded positions, with Deaves's third place in race 4 enough to keep him ahead of Turner who had to count a 23rd after an earlier OCS. Jonathan Fish brought up the British rear in 23rd place after a frustrating time. Former world champion Karsten Hitz (GER) won the opening race but faded towards the end of the regatta in the lighter airs. The only other race winner was Greg Wilcox (NZL), winning the shifty race 6 in light airs after banging in a corner on the final beat.

1BEL 44Bart BomansKLYC211124411
2GER 693Martin von ZimmermannSCOe5671463229
3NZL 522Greg WilcoxWBBC10361151631
4SWE 2746Thomas Hansson-MildUMSS4OCS54102934
5GER 672Gunter ArndtFYC34810812538
6GBR 2110Nick CraigFPSCDNFDNC2216143
7GER 717Oliver GronholzSSC87474161444
8GBR 2081Robert DeavesDSC16913314101965
9GBR 2045Will TurnerOSSC68OCS511231568
10POL 14Pawel PawlaczykJKW9OCS1061327772
11GER 725Christian HartmannVSaW121611139301273
12GER 624Thomas GlasSSC13111520721874
13GER 707Thorsten SchmidtSCV7OCS91215172585
14GER 688Peter StephanSCST201212926142289
15POL 65Janusz StobinskiAZS Pn23DNC23191651096
16GER 727Karsten Hitzssc1DNC383DNCDNC97
17GER 690Sönke BehrensSCOe112DNCDNC1228397
18GER 718Pedda ScheuerlNRV1751817182527100
19GER 539Carsten SaßLYC19101926211518102
20GER 632Fabian GronholzSSC1518251829820104
21GER 721Dr. Jörn WilleSVAOe211514221719DNC108
22GER 720Daniel GröschlYCS18131615232626111
23GBR 2067Jonathan FishFFSC14142116OCS2424113
24GER 726Jörg SylvesterSSC22172221202016116
25GER 694Gunnar SpechtPSCW27212425191817124
26GER 659Falk HagemannSWS29192729302211137
27GER 607Christian HeinzeSCVDNCDNC262824713139
28FRA 1764Frederic LamarqueCVT26DNC2024259DNC145
29POL 58Darek KrasMOS-2 2520DNC32272921154
30GER 606Katharina HußSCFr28DNC29312213DNC164
31GER 724Marina DellasOYCDNCDNC2827311129167
32FRA 1810Arnaud VanhoutteSR CRE24DNC32232832DNC180
33DEN 1326Poul AunsholmHVSDNCDNC3130323323190
35GER 678Eberhard NalopSCFLDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC3128223