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Germany, Warnemünder Woche 2003

July 05th - 07th

Strong northwesterly breeze.

This Warnemünde Week was also the preparation for the Europeans on the same waters later in the week.
Perfect sailing conditions, one day as the only class on the area, as there was too much wind for the other classes.
Starting with lots of rain, the weather became more friendly day by day.

1SWE 2746Thomas Hansson-Mild111DNF14
2DEN 1280Jørgen Lindhardtsen226239
3GBR 2101Terry CurtisITSC4351BFD13
4GER 717Oliver GronholzSSC8423514
5NZL 522Greg WilcoxWBBC5545418
6GER 693Martin von ZimmermannSCOe71015OCS234
7GBR 2085Gavin Waldron119136834
8GER 718Peter ScheuerlNRV1071091436
9GER 539Carsten SaßLYC161612101149
10GER 632Fabian GronholzSSC14129151650
11DEN 1324Jesper Petersen3DNC38DNC53
12GER 449Sönke BehrensSCOe15141113DNC53
13GER 670Hinnerk RiesSCOE20181611954
14SWE 99Hans ElkjærDNCDNC84758
15GER 665Peter StephanSCST211322141260
16SWE 2731Bjørn Westergaard12DNC77BFD65
17POL 14Pawel Pawlaczyk6618OCSBFD69
18GER 695Dirk GerickeSGE22DNC17121869
19GER 725Christian HartmannVSaW181521162069
20GER 710Christian SenstUSV Pots251919DNC1073
21GER 688Dirk DameSVM241720DNC1374
22DEN 1322Ivan Pedersen131114DNCBFD77
23GER 659Falk HagemannSWS272324171983
24GER 707Thorsten SchmidtSCV98DNCDNCDNC95
25GER 621André HenningsCKA17DNF25DNC1596
26GER 624Thomas GlasSSC19DNFDNCDNC6103
27GER 651Heinz RidderSVPb2920DNCDNC22110
28GER 699Juliane HofmannSWS2821DNCDNC24112
29GER 645Arne LindemannPSCW30DNC27DNC17113
30GER 630Norbert PetrauschTSVSDNF2226DNC26113
31GBR 2007Anthony Rich26DNC23DNCDNC127
32GER 606Katharina PapeSCFrDNCDNCDNCDNC21138
33GER 607Christian HeinzeSCVDNCDNCDNCDNC23140
34GER 698Karsten KathYCA23DNCDNCDNCBFD140
35GER 640Sven MarchotSGSPDNCDNCDNCDNC25142
36GER 499Wolfgang FeierabendWYCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC156