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DEN National Championship 2015

Lundeborg 21-13 August

12 min Video of the event by Sam Jedig

Complete results
Equipment used by top 10

Report by Thomas Kvist and Stefan Myrälf

The Danish Championships 2015 OK dinghies started on Thursday evening with the opening ceremony in the clubhouse. Most of the participants showed up and Deputy Mayor ´Bo Hansen´ welcomed us with the following words: “In Lundeborg it is with great pleasure to welcome you to the OK championships and we are proud to be able to attract this event to one of Svendborg Municipality Ports. For a small town and yacht club is a huge and demanding task to arrange a championship for 75 sailors.”



The day started with a joint breakfast and an opportunity to prepare lunch to take afloat. The first start was scheduled for 13:00, so there was plenty of time to fix final details on the boats.

The weather forecast for the day was light air 2-3 m/sec. all day. On the water, there were 75 sailors, who were all fired up and ready for the first race. And, maybe there was someone (read: many), a little to fresh as there were certainly many who were over the line before the start and the race was quickly called off - general recall ... (A later comment by course manager, Morten Halberg proclaimed: you sailors are utterly disrespectful...)

Next start showed the U-flag, but many sailors were over the line at the second attempt. Therefore, also this gave a restart, and now we saw the "Black Flag" In the third attempt which came off with success, and the race was completed in light but reasonably steady wind.

1st race top 3: Frederik Svendsen, Niels-Kristian Terkildsen; Jens Lauge


The second race was started in the traditional way, but again the referee had to call back fleet ... and then another U-flag followed up by a black flag. The start went of with 17 boats too fast on the trigger. But, at fourth attempt the fleet came clean off the line and the race was settled in choppy seas and little wind.

2nd race top 3: Jørgen Svendsen, Oliver Gronholz (GER), Marek Benat (POL)

The evening included a Lundeborg-classic: Glazed ham with creamed potatoes, which was a strong desire from OK Dinghy club sailors

The weather forecast for the next day promised some more wind, but still as a beautiful summer day.



From the early morning we saw fresh wind and sunshine from a cloudless sky. The weather forecast had promised 4 m/s and those who like medium wind condition went out with a big smile. There was not quite the same at the scheduled start time. Sailing from the slipway in Lundeborg port to one of Denmark's best racing waters is less than 5 minutes.

As many would expect the first race was launched with a high number of boats over the line. Prompt reaction from the committee boat after a general recall was the black flag in the next race.

Perhaps the swift intervention (17 disqualified) with the black flag the previous day had made an impression on the sailors, as the next start went perfectly – without any boats over the line. Despite the weather forecast the race was settled in very light wind and was won by "The family Svendsen."

3rd race top 3: Jørgen Svendsen, Niels-Kristian Terkildsen (brother in law to Jørgen), Frederik Svendsen


In the second race, the first three boats across the line (Jørgen Svendsen, Stefan Myrälf and Niels-Kristian Terkildsen) were noted to have been over the line, and Jorgen Lindhardtsen who otherwise crossed the finish line in fourth, was awarded first place.

4th race top 3: Jørgen Lindhardtsen, Frederik Svendsen, Jens Lauge

The wind picked up a little before the fifth race, and again the fleet was thinned out a little, as some boats got black flag - and since it was the last race of the day, there were a number of sailors who returned early to the harbour. However, the remainder of the fleet came well off in the next attempt, and the wind finally freshened up a bit.

5th race top 3: Jørgen Svendsen, Frederik Svendsen, Stefan Myralf



The weather forecast predicted fine windy conditions, and those who like to hike were not disappointed. With an average of 8 m/s in the morning meant that there was a little more quiet at the camp site than had been heard the other days. You could just sense that the focus was already a little out on the course. Someone with a focus on hitting the right wind jumps, while others might rather focus on how to get through the day without capsizing.

The dinghies were in the water in good time, and the races were started on schedule. As usual, the first start gave a general recall. Just as seen the previous days, the black flag was set at the subsequent start. The fleet started in perfect sailing conditions: medium strong wind and waves to play with off the wind. For the first time in the regatta we saw Bo Petersen in the top 3.

6th race top 3: Bo Petersen, Jørgen Lindhardtsen, Christian Olesen

The fleet was now gradually decreasing, after several had "gored eel" in the first race. But the weather was stable, and the constant wind and waves from Langeland gave the sailors a final opportunity to get sea spray in their hair and a little more tired "hanging-legs". The last race was won by Oliver Gronholz (Germany) from Bo Petersen and Stefan Myralf number three.

Back on land, the big packing up day was underway, and all the while dinghies, tents boxes etc were being packed together, the organisers prepared for prize giving in the clubhouse. Tension on the podium was released, and it was three happy medalists each received gifts and cups on the terrace of Lundeborg.

DEN National Championship 2015 - Results
1DEN 3Jørgen SvendsenHellerup Sejlklub7. BFD1.04.010.0105.024.0
2DEN 6Stefan MyrälfHellerup Sejlklub6. BFD3.05.03.0108.027.0
3DEN 7Frederik Mads SvendsenHellerup sejlklub1.
4DEN 10Jens LaugeHellerup Sejlklub3.
5DEN 1420Jørgen LindhardtsenHellerup Sejlklub30.
6DEN 1431Bo PetersenHellerup Sejlklub9.
7GER 772Oliver GronholzSSC4.
8DEN 1442Rene Sarabia JohannsenVallensbæk11.081.0 BFD4.
9GER 693Martin V. ZimmermannSCOe22.
10DEN 1433Lars AndresenHerslev Stand Sejlklub28. BFD18.016.0165.084.0
11GER 740Gunter ArndtFYC/Solrød Strand35.
12GER 797Andreas PichLYC16.
13DEN 1397Henrik KofoedHellerup14.
14DEN 1346Anders AndersenHorsens Sejlklub27.
15DEN 61Jacob LundingLundeborg Sejlklub17.
16DEN 1335Mogens JohansenSolrød Strand34.
17DEN 1344Peter WibroeSolrød Strand12.081.0 BFD26.
18DEN 1377Jørgen Holm NielsenKaløvig Bådelag10.
19DEN 1340Christian OlesenHvidovre Sejlklub31. BFD3.08.0206.0125.0
20POL 7Marek BernatKKS Warmia Olsztyn13.
21DEN 1434Thomas AlbrechtsenKongelig Dansk Yachtklub32.
22GER 731Thomas GlasSegeberger Segel Club5.
23GER 778Sönke BehrensSCOe36.081.0 BFD22.
24DEN 1382Søren ChristensenFrederikshavn19.
25DEN 11Claus Høj JensenHerslev Strand Sejlklub18.
26DEN 1453Niels-Kristian TerkildsenHellerup2. BFD81.0 BFD21.033.0229.0148.0
27DEN 1303John Skjoldby PetersenHerslev Strand Sejlklub43.
28DEN 1Bo Reker AndersenHellerup sejlklub40.081.0 BFD25.
29DEN 1454Fritz BannerSejlklubben Ebeltoft Vig58.
30GER 726Jörg SylvesterSegeberger Segel-Club23.
31DEN 22Ask AskholmSvendborg sunds sejlklub21.
32DEN 1448Mikael Nielsen NielsenHerslev strand sejlklub52. DNS264.0183.0
33DEN 1395Henrik Kimmer PetersenHerslev Strand Sejlklub8. DNF268.0187.0
34SWE 22Lasse HanssonGetskär25.
35DEN 1403Claus Møller ChristensenSkælskør Amatør-Sejlklub38.
36DEN 1354Peter HeideSvendborg Sunds Sejlklub15.
37DEN 1304Christian MidtgaardHelsingør Sejlklub48. BFD8.05.0295.0214.0
38DEN 1407Malte PedersenKongelig Dansk Yachtklub66.
39DEN 1428Lars Jørgen AndresenHerslev Strand Sejlklub37.
40GER 672Jesper VogeliusKaløvig29.081.0 BFD39.033.081.0 BFD27.028.0318.0237.0
41DEN 1438Sam JedigHerslev Sejlklub39.
42DEN 1366Niels ArntoftSvendborg sunds Sejlklub49.
43DEN 1367Ken ZierSejlklubben EV56.081.0 BFD40.
44DEN 1375Simon Dan PetersenOnsevig Sejlklub81.0 UFD81.0 BFD20.
45DEN 1052Per SørensenKaløvig45.
46DEN 1389Jens MakholmHellerup Sejlklub24. DNS81.0 DNS332.0251.0
47DEN 1399Joe SchubertKaløvig Bådelaug42.081.0 BFD44.
48DEN 1409Martin StenderSkive Sejlklub47.
49DEN 1275Poul VincentsHerslev Strand Sejlklub62. BFD348.0267.0
50DEN 66Frank BergHellerup81.0 UFD14. DNS81.0 DNS349.0268.0
51DEN 1266Philip CossenSvendborg Sunds Sejlklub50.051.081.0 BFD52.
52DEN 77Jesper StrandbergHerslev Strand Sejlklub81.0 RAF81.0 BFD10. DNF81.0 DNS369.0288.0
53DEN 1356Jesper PetersenSolrød72. BFD370.0289.0
54SWE 2791Lennart HanssonGetskär20.081.0 BFD51.026.081.0 BFD33.081.0 DNF373.0292.0
55DEN 1396Stig FrandsenKaløvig Bådelaug54. DNS375.0294.0
56DEN 1430René BruunHellerup Sejlklub51.081.0 BFD59.038.081.0 BFD35.040.0385.0304.0
57DEN 1405Frederik Dahl HansenHerslev Strand Sejlklub44. BFD81.0 DNS81.0 DNS388.0307.0
58DEN 1317Jacob BangSvendborg sund sejlklub46.
59DEN 1392Tim NormannHerslev Strand Sejlklub53. BFD44.044.0392.0311.0
60DEN 1391Nils TrolandHerslev Strand Sejlklub57. DNF408.0327.0
61DEN 1347Anders BuhlHerslev Strand Sejlklub33.081.0 BFD65.040.081.0 BFD30.081.0 DNF411.0330.0
62DEN 1456Thomas EgeskovNeptun Vejle41. DNF81.0 DNS420.0339.0
63DEN 1342Johnny HansenØresuns Sejlklub Frem26.081.0 BFD47.039.081.0 BFD81.0 DNS81.0 DNS436.0355.0
64DEN 1415Thomas ChristensenHerslev strand sejlklub65.081.0 DNC54. DNS436.0355.0
65DEN 1437Per SørensenSejlklubben Ebeltoft Vig68. DNS81.0 DNS439.0358.0
66DEN 1387John GrothSvendborg Sunds Sejlklub60.081.0 BFD42. DNF81.0 DNS441.0360.0
67DEN 1336Thomas KvistHerslev Strand Sejlklub67.
68DEN 1313Jesper HansenSvendborg Sund73.
69DEN 1443Henrik Bøhm JensenHerslev Strand Sejlklub59. BFD61.081.0 DNF449.0368.0
70DEN 126Lars MøllerSejlklubben Neptun Vejle61. DNS81.0 DNS450.0369.0
71DEN 1314Jesper JakobsenHerslev Strand Sejlklub63. DNS81.0 DNS453.0372.0
72DEN 1458Søren SigurdssonSejlklubben Esrum Sø70.
73DEN 112Svend JakobsenHellerup69. BFD62.056.081.0 DNS454.0373.0
74DEN 1410Hans GenefkeSkælskør75. BFD62.053.0461.0380.0
75DEN 1305Flemming HøstgaardHellerup76.
76DEN 1441Peter KorsbjergEbeltoft Sejlklub71.081.0 BFD74.
77DEN 43Jesper Stig AndersenSvendborg64. DNS81.0 DNS81.0 DNS81.0 DNS480.0399.0
78DEN 1421Alex RijninkKWVL55. DNS81.0 DNS81.0 DNS486.0405.0
79DEN 1341Per Bo HansenØresund Sejlklub Frem74.042.081.0 DNS81.0 DNS81.0 DNS81.0 DNS81.0 DNS521.0440.0
80DEN 1432Ralph EriksenHaderslev Sejl Club81.0 DNC81.0 DNC81.0 DNC81.0 DNC81.0 DNC81.0 DNC81.0 DNC567.0486.0
Equipment of top 10
Jørgen SvendsenStrandberg SotaC-TechSjøgren ABC marineGreen
Stefan MyrälfStrandberg SotaC-TechSjøgren ABC marineElvstrøm
Frederik SvendsenNZL IcebreakerC-TechAOR NZLGreen
Jens LaugeStrandberg SotaC-TechSjøgren ABC marineGreen
Jørgen LindDelf Jason KingC-TechSjøgren ABC marineGreen
Bo PedersenStrandberg SotaC-TechSjøgren ABC marineGreen
Oliver GrönholtzKraussC-TechNeedlesparGreen
Rene SarabiaStrandberg SotaC-TechSjøgren ABC marineGreen
Martin ZimmermanHeinC-TechNeedlesparGreen
Lars AndressenStrandberg SotaC-TechSjøgren ABC marineGreen