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Danish National Championship 2006


August 18th - 20th

Report by Thomas Glas, translated by Peter Scheuerl

After too light winds in France, the Danish championship is on. For the ones never been at a Danish champ: What does this regatta brings with it?

First it means a quite high entry fee, 100 Euro this year. A Danish championship also means getting up early, like in the last years, start was at 10:00.

Why driving this far? First, this years Danish championship was held in Ebeltoft, that's on Jütland just one bay on from Kalovig (north of Aarhus, where many Germans get their "Green Sails" from), so no ferry to take and the driving distance manageable. So it was no surprise that beside the "Halfdane" Gunter six more "Nordlicher" (German Lake Sailors) attended.

A Danish championship also means: Wind. But since Kieler Woche he hardly showed up and during this weekend it wasn't exactly blowing. But it was enough for 8 races, all quite fair and nice.

Further Danish championship means: Full meal plan. As every year it was plenty, so the entry fee isn't that high in the end. Also the first ten got really nice prices.

It also means: small fishery village and a nice sailing area. Ebeltoft is not that small, but is located at a pictorial bay.

It means: Lots of relaxed Danes, plus a Swede � made a starter list of 42. By the way, the communication problems are neglectable...

A Danish champ means: Lots of relaxed Danes who are terrible fast on the water. The fleet was very close all the time, it was quite hard to get into the top ten. Mark roundings were very close but always within the rules. There was also a Special Guest: Jørgen Holm was using Hitzis boat.

"Dane-land" also means: Eating Hot Dogs, chatting gossip, Sun and rain taking turns (more Sun this time), real toilets; and the cognisance that age does not stop you from winning. Jörgen was better than all of us. Mogens became the miracle second, the new European champ was best foreigner.

In short: Denmark is always worth a trip! Next years Danish nationals are in Roskilde, that's on Seeland. That means another highlight we haven't had this year: using the ferry!

1DEN 1348Jørgen Lindhardtsen11693129
2DEN 1335Mogens Johansen5101339212
3GER 693Martin Von Zimmermann392525476
4GER 717Oliver Gronholz4642241551
5GER 731Thomas Glas7810112798
6DEN 1344Peter Wibroe64261373414
7GER 672Günter Arndt161412711134
8DEN 1345Frank Hansen23929516618
9DEN 1347Rene Johansen362141125DSQ3
10DEN 1330Troels Lykke25181115461311
11DEN 1340Jesper Petersen14732515181015
12DEN 1353Claus Deichgr�ber10178128272212
13DEN 1341Mikael Nielsen8153223622255
14GER 656Andreas Pich191221192112157
15DEN 1304Christian Midtgaard21513917211427
16DEN 727Jørgen Holm Nielsen1319198DSQ141917
17GER 539Carsten Sass2013152611251613
18DEN 1331Fritz Banner Pedersen332472222101820
19DEN 1248Per Baagøe242222633231710
20SWE 2739Janne Nystedt282051826208DNS
21DEN 1324Bo Teglers182117301392423
22GER 726Jörg Sylvester1130311418192816
23DEN 1322Ivan Pedersen2728204102920DSQ
24DEN 1359Henrik Søgren Hansen12162316208DSQDNS
25DEN 1303John Skjoldby2932281019132122
26DEN 1259Ulrik Larsen231116322717DSQ21
27DEN 1249Ken Zier9332433DSQ241128
28DEN 1261Tom Pedersen15231828302827DNS
29DEN 1355Flemming Ipsen3125302431331225
30DEN 1337Jens Makholm172727211632DNSDNS
31DEN 1354Per Trolle2639341723343230
32DEN 1357Henning Biering Nielsen352633201426DNSDNS
33DEN 1329Sam Jedig3038402737303119
34DEN 1305Martin Kay3735293732352924
35DEN 1285Christan Schmidt-Møller3936353434312629
36DEN 1218Joe Schubert223137DNSDNS392332
37DEN 1350Per Sørensen3229393638383533
38DEN 1277Poul Christiansen34373840293630DNS
39DEN 1246Frank VislerDNF3425352837DNSDNS
40DEN 1159Poul Aunsholm4041413136403326
41DEN 1336Thomas Christensen3840363835413431
42DEN 1271Jacob Christensen4142424139423634