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Nordic Championship 2005


August 27.-29.

By Captain Bob

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Ulf Brandt
Ulf Brandt

23 sailors from Denmark and Sweden turned op for this years Nordic Championship. It was going to be a heavy weather venue, fortunately the weather was grey and we had some rain as well.

The wind was averaging 20 knots and they measured above 30 in the puffs. In those conditions you would expect experience in the OK to count, but it was the former swedish laser sailor Jonas Quist who took the title. It was his third time in the OK, and he showed some good tactics and very good downwind speed, which eventually gave him the title.

Just after him we saw Jorgen Lindhartsen, who apparently have forgotten his back injury and is back in very good shape. El Presidente got third, but in the first two races when the conditions were ruff, he was convincingly fast.

Before the regatta Jesper Petersen was telling some newcomers that in the OK-class, that even in the worst conditions, his slogan was "Gibe or Die!!". However Mr. Petersen chose death himself quite a few times. If he quit the swimming lessons in time for the worlds, he as well, will be a strong contender.

1SWE 2762Jonas Qvist52412211
2DEN 1280Jørgen Lindhardtsen73181113
3SWE 2741Thomas Hansson-Mild115153414
4DEN 1302Ulf Brandt44235316
5DEN 1304Christian Midtgaard27326720
6DEN 1340Jesper Petersen65DNS57629
7DEN 1Frank Hansen3126118836
8SWE 99Hans Elkjær8DNF8124941
9DEN 1330Troels Lykke14810491545
10DEN 1322Ivan Pedersen12997131350
11DEN 1265Bo Teglers156714151757
12DEN 1335Mogens Johansen11DNSDNS1311564
13SWE 2739Jan-Erik Nystedt9DNFDNS10101265
14SWE 2752Ingermar Janson13101118161666
15SWE 2759Per-Arne Olsson10DNSDNS16141175
16SWE 2599Håkan OlssonDNF131220191983
17SWE 2750Jonas LindahlDNFDNSDNS17121087
18DEN 1303John SkjoldbyDNFDNSDNS9171488
19SWE 2749Max Nystedt1611DNF21DNFDNS96
20DEN 1324Claus DeichgræberDNSDNSDNS6DNSDNS102
21SWE 2746Olle HeimerssonDNFDNSDNS231818107
22SWE 2591Bengt Str´┐ŻmbergDNFDNSDNS1920DNS111
23DEN 1301Per SørensenDNSDNSDNS22DNSDNS118