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Clive Roberts - New Zealand

The late Clive Roberts was inducted at the New Zealand class association's 50th Anniversary celebrations in October 2007.

Accepting the award on behalf of her late husband, Bev Roberts was visibly moved when Wilcox presented her with a memento of the occasion.

Wilcox said, "The reason this award is going to Clive is not just because he won the Worlds in 1973. It is actually more for his contribution to the class in New Zealand and Australia.

Without his encouragement and help the class would never have taken off in New Zealand and neither would have so many Kiwis travelled the world and made so many good friends through the OK Dinghy class."

Clive Roberts is nothing less than a legend in the OK Dinghy class. He was one of the small group of sailors that introduced the OK Dinghy into New Zealand in the mid 1960s along with his brother Ralph. Clive Roberts won a record of 10 New Zealand OK Dinghy National Championships, five Interdominion Championships and then in 1973 in Falmouth, England became the first non-European to win the OK Dinghy World Championships.

Off the water Clive Roberts was famous for promoting the class and offering advice to young and old alike. He was tragically killed in a car accident in New Zealand in 1975. One of the many memorials in his name is the Australian OK Dinghy Association's junior trust fund, the Clive Roberts Trust, which supports the development of young Australian OK Dinghy sailors.

Clive Roberts Clive Roberts

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