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Information about the 2021 Worlds in Arco, Italy - 9. May 2021

World Championship 2021

We reported earlier that a decision would be made at the start of May about whether the 2021 World Championship would go ahead. At the moment we are still reviewing the situation as it is changing fast. From a practical point of view, there is no reason not to hold it at the moment as we understand all athletes are exempt from local quarantine, though there is still some testing to do and in some cases quarantine on return home.

However there is a lot of concern over whether travel will be possible, or practical, from many nations because of the upcoming reviews in many countries.

So, we plan to wait a little longer before making a final decision. However the club remains very keen to run the event, is running many events for other classes and expects the situation by July to be much improved.

We’ll update you on further developments as soon as possible.


This will be held online whether or not the World Championship goes ahead so that all countries can take part. It will most likely be streamed online some time in July or August. Please let me have any proposals for Class Rule changes or any other proposals before the end of May.


In addition to Bulgaria joining earlier in the year, we now also welcome Brazil and Italy as OKDIA members.

The OKDIA Committee