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Addenda to AGM Minutes 2005

Although the AGM decided that the 2007 Worlds would go to Germany, after the AGM, Germany agreed to step aside for one year to allow Poland to host it. Therefore the venue in 2007 will be Leba, the venue for the 2000 World Championship, while the venue for 2008 will be Warnemunde in Germany, the venue for the 2003 Europeans.

Worlds from 2009 onwards

One of the discussions over the past year has centred on organising the 2008 Worlds somewhere exotic. Thailand was mentioned, and there was some initial interest in going there. However, fears of a Goa repeat is putting some people off. We do not want another 25 boat Worlds.

There is strong feeling among some sailors that the class needs to try different venues and different countries, however, without jeopardising too much the numbers in attendance. At the 2006 AGM we are expecting a proposal from USA to host a future Worlds. I would be pleased to receive any feedback on this. If we take a risk we have to get it right, and also go there for the right reasons. A Worlds in the USA could give the class there a fantastic boost, which would be great for our international status. However if USA host in 2009, then we are back to the problem of two consecutive Worlds outside Europe - as 2010 is provisionally NZL - which has the potential of limiting numbers. So do we move NZL to 2011, or wait until 2012 before going outside Europe/Australasia again? There were also discussions in Denmark of changing the 'unofficial' cycle of worlds in NZL/AUS from every 8 years to every 9 years to give a three year cycle with the third year between NZL and AUS as an opportunity to go somewhere different. Please give the OKDIA Committee some feedback on this from your members.