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Netherlands, Spring Cup 2012

KZ&RV Hollandia

KZ&RV Hollandia, Medemblik

4th - 6th May

Report by Martin von Zimmermann

The Spring-Cup in Medemblik saw 40 boats the start line, a strong fleet from nine different countries which included the current world- and european champions.

The wheather condition showed cold temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees and a perfect breeze with 3 bft on Friday and 4-5 bft on Saturday and Sunday.

The regatta was held jointly with the Solo class, another single handed dinghy, with similar boat speed. Thanks to the professional race organization from the local sailing club, there was almost no interference between the two classes. As usual there was a dinner with Beer and Live musik at Brakebroer.

On the water Nick showed an impressive performance winning the regatta with only 9 point in 8 races, followed by Greg and Bartosz.

Spring Cup 2012 - Results
1GBR 2134Nick Craig9,013211121
2NZL 544Greg Wilcox14,021632312
3POL 19Bartosz Rakocy33,0941643283
4GBR 2118Terry Curtis36,0618566634
5GER 693Martin v Zimmerman54,0121012251069
6GER 773Rüdiger Prinz60,031111416dns96
7DEN 8Stefan Myrälf61,04520511412dns
8POL 1Tomasz Gaj61,015619988510
9DEN 1364Jørgen Lindhardtsen68,0dns23dnf4575
10GBR 2042Richard Burton74,071410107dns1016
11GBR 2147Alex Scoles82,0217889191714
12DEN 1335Mogan Johansen88,0131317131092113
13GER 750Ralf Tietje90,016152471313197
14DEN 1398Christian Hedlund104,05818dnf12154ocs
15SWE 99Hans Elkjær111,01819251917121412
16GBR 2136Jonathan Fish117,02712411147dnsdns
17GBR 2101Julian Burnham121,01021231519171821
18GER 715Sven Beye133,0172772825241518
19GER 760Andreas Deubel135,026261420dnf141322
20GBR 2141Simon Davis138,0825152424dns2517
21GBR 2096James Case143,02423351226232015
22GBR 2145Tony Woods145,01191317dnfocs11dnf
23GBR 1774Tom Lonsdale146,0223392621222323
24GER 737Thorsten Schmidt147,02828262220161619
25DEN 1265Malte Pedersen154,0dns3033182320228
26POL 4Drozdzik Radoslaw160,0141621272218dnsdns
27GER 680Jan Dietman Dellas162,02541dns2129112411
28GBR 2130Deryck Lovegrove188,03329323030212620
29GBR 2120Daniel Ager202,0dns34111615ocsdnsdns
30BEL 220Ronny Poelman205,03022282318dnsdncdns
31GER 651Heinz Ridder212,03638343333252724
32POL 7Marek Bernat216,02020362927dnsdnsdns
33BEL 214Paul Verrijdt228,01932273234dnsdncdns
34GBR 2148Chris Perry230,0231722dnfdnsdnsdnsdns
35GBR 2129Alan Atkin231,0293729363127dnsdns
36NED 500Stephan Veldman238,0323937253528dnsdns
37USA 1010Bradford Johanson239,0353630343626dncdns
38NED 555Jan Siebe de Vries240,031313135dnsdns28dns
39GBR 2149Martin Bower262,0dns24dnsdns28dnsdnsdns
40GER 724Marina Dellas263,03440dns3132dnsdnsdns
41NED 638Robert Bancken273,037353837dnfdnsdncdns