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European Championship 2014

Steinhuder Meer, Germany

21-26 July

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Reports by Robert Deaves

21.7. Beautiful setting in Steinhude for OK Dinghy Europeans opening ceremony

The 2014 OK Dinghy European Championship was officially opened in Steinhude, Germany, Monday evening after 117 entries had been received. Racing is scheduled to begin on Tuesday.

The championship is being held at two clubs, Segler-Verein Großenheidorn and Yachtclub Steinhuder Meer, standing side by side in an idyllic location overlooking the Steinhuder Meer. There are OK Dinghies everywhere, with sailors making final preparations for the start of racing. The weather has been unusually hot, with Monday's 28 degrees a welcome relief from the 37 degrees recorded at the weekend. However both Sunday and Monday suffered through lack of wind, though a sailable wind is forecast for most of the coming week.

As the sun set behind the Steinhuder Meer, the opening ceremony, took place right beside the lake with more than 250 sailors, families, officials and volunteers present. The welcome received by the sailors so far has been phenomenal, with the clubs, the sponsors and the local dignitaries genuinely pleased that so many OK Dinghy sailors from so many countries had travelled to this championship. There was a great feeling of welcome, camaraderie and friendship throughout the opening ceremony. The vast number of sponsors, both local companies and OK Dinghy suppliers, were thanked and in particular Ralf Tietje (GER) was thanked for his outstanding work in bringing it all together and he received a standing ovation. The sailors were welcomed by both clubs and each nation was fanfared to the applause of the other competitors. Finally, Dr. Burmeister of Lotto SportStiftung, the event's major sponsor, declared the championship open, and the sailors and guests tucked into a massive pasta buffet before relocating to the lawn to enjoy the cold beer and the sunset.

The prizegiving also took place for the pre-Europeans-regatta, which was sailed over the weekend. Jørgen Lindhardtsen (DEN) won from Bo Reker Andersen (DEN) and Martin von Zimmerman (GER) after only three races were possible. Three races were sailed on Saturday in 10-12 knots and an incredible 37 degrees. On Sunday racing was cancelled as there was no wind, but it allowed the organisers to start measurement earlier than scheduled. All boats received a thorough check under the watchful eyes of the class Chief Measurer, Dick Batt (GBR).

On Saturday the class held a Measurement Symposium which attracted 10 builders, measurers and others from five nations to discuss current Rules and measurement matters. As well as updating those present on current trends, recent rulings and the latest rule changes, the meeting was encouraged by the recent growth in the class and the number of new manufacturers, which highlighted the need for continued good practice by both builders and measurers. The symposium also looked at ways to develop better communication between these stakeholders worldwide to enable increased transparency and rules compliance.

Ten races are scheduled for the European Championship from Tuesday 22 July to Saturday 26 July. On the first day, the fleets will be split into two starts based on the latest OK Dinghy World Ranking list, and adjusted each day thereafter based on the overall positions at the end of the previous day. On the fourth and fifth days, the fleet will be split into gold and silver fleets. The warning signal for racing is scheduled for 12.00 each day.

22.7. André Budzien leads after mixed bag on first day at OK Europeans in Steinhude

Euro Day 1
©Ania Pawlaczyk

André Budzien (GER), the 2012 World Champion leads Greg Wilcox (NZL) the 2002 World Champion and Bo Petersen (DEN) the defending European champion after the first two races at the 2014 OK Dinghy European Championship in Steinhude, Germany.

It was a very hot and tricky day with the highly changeable winds producing a very mixed bag of results for most of the competitors as the hot German wind laid on challenging conditions for the competitors. But in contrast to recent days there was wind and the fleet set out on time. However, just as the warning signal was about to to be made, the wind switched off and the fleets were made to wait in swelteringly hot conditions for just over an hour. Then, the wind made a welcome return from the same direction and stabilised at 8-10 knots, though this was just to deceive the sailors as it popped in and out all day long. However, there was enough pressure to run two pretty good races.

Yellow fleet was away first. Frederik Svendsen (DEN) came off pin and favoured the left. Greg Wilcox (NZL), Jim Hunt (GBR), and Bo Petersen (DEN) went right. Svendsen emerged in the lead at the top with Oliver Gronholz (GER) joining the leading group on the second round. However Petersen took lead at top of the second beat after Svendson forgot the spacer mark. Petersen led to the finish to win from Gronholz and Svendsen, while Hunt was scored OCS.

Euro Day 1
©Ania Pawlaczyk

In the Blue group, Jørgen Svendsen (DEN), father of Frederik, battled at the front with André Budzien (GER) who had led round the top mark. On the first upwind there was a huge shift to the left and the leaders reached into the mark while the right was stranded. Svendsen eventually won from Budzien and Martin von Zimmermann (GER).

Race 2 started almost immediately to make the best of the wind. Wilcox dominated Yellow fleet, starting in the middle of the line before a long tack to the left. He tacked on the first big shift to be lifted to the top mark. He led all the way round apart from Alex Scoles (GBR) briefly taking the lead on the second beat. Simon Davies (GBR) and Simon Cox (GBR) were also in the mix and rounded out the top four while Petersen moved up to fifth by the end.

Blue fleet started after a slight delay to allow the fleet to get back to the start line. This caused an interesting situation later in the race as the two fleet crossed twice. Robert Deaves (GBR) came of the line near the pin and tacked in the first big shift and had clear air all the way to the top mark. He extended on the reach but then the wind died and filled in from behind. Budzien moved through the fleet and passed Deaves at the end of the second reach. At that point the Yellow fleet was rounding the gate mark to starboard while the Blue fleet was rounding its leeward mark (the same mark) to port. It led to some interesting situations, but everyone was very polite about it! The Race Officer is looking at introducing a second leeward mark on Wednesday to avoid this situation again.

Day 1
©Ania Pawlaczyk

Von Zimmermann rounded third and went right to come back well ahead. He led round the remainder of the race, while Tomasz Gaj (POL) led a small group to the right on the final beat and came through on a big pressure shift to cross the finish second, which turned into first as von Zimmermann was over early on the start line. Budzien ended up second with Paweł Pawlaczyk (POL) in third.

Wilcox said of the day, “It was a shifty nightmare, with the pressure up and down and all over the place. It was pretty warm out there as well. It's going to be a week where keeping the losses to a minimum is going to be crucial. I think pretty much everyone is going to have a good race sometime this week.” It would seem that keeping a sense of humour is also going to be important.

After racing the class held a Special General Meeting to address urgent matters. Among other matters, Juliane Hofmann (GER) was elected as the new secretary of OKDIA, The Netherlands was welcomed back as a full member of OKDIA, personal sail numbers were adopted by the class (subject to National Authority ratification), and the members present presented feedback on OKDIA's development strategy which is being prepared. Hofmann replaces Mary Reddyhoff (GBR) who has been class secretary for seven years. The meeting minuted the class's grateful thanks for all her hard work over many years.

Euro Day 1
©Ania Pawlaczyk

Each day after sailing the competitors are greeting by cold beer and hot snacks on the grass by the dinghy park, while each evening dinner is offered in the tent by the lake, all included within the entry fee. There is sunshine, sailing, beer and food, all shared between great friends from across the world. What more do sailors need?

Racing continues Wednesday from 12.00, with a forecast of slightly less wind than today.

Ten races are scheduled for the European Championship from Tuesday 22 July to Saturday 26 July. On the first day, the fleets will be split into two starts based on the latest OK Dinghy World Ranking list, and adjusted each day thereafter based on the overall positions at the end of each day. On the fourth and fifth days, the fleet will be split into gold and silver fleets.

23.7. Defending champion Bo Petersen leads after perfect day's racing at OK Dinghy Europeans in Steinhude

OK Dinghy Fleet
©Ania Pawlaczyk

Steinhuder Meer produced its best for the second day of racing at the OK Dinghy European Championship with two races held in glorious sunshine, with wall to wall blue skies and 10-12 knots of warm wind. Defending champion Bo Petersen (DEN) has taken the lead from André Budzien (GER) and Greg Wilcox (NZL). Race wins went to Budzien, Jørgen Svendsen (DEN), Jørgen Lindhardtsen (DEN) and Jim Hunt (GBR).
If the sailors take one lesson from racing on Steinhuder Meer, it would be that it's never over until it's over and that you can never be sure of your position until you cross the finish line. OK, so that's two lessons, but most of the sailors today learned many more lessons in the shifty, patchy winds that kept everyone guessing until the very end.

©Ania Pawlaczyk

Overall leader this morning, André Budzien (GER) was in Yellow fleet and took the opening race from Frederik Svendsen (DEN) and Jørgen Svendsen (DEN). The father turned the tables on his son in the second race with Jørgen winning from Frederik. Paweł Pawlaczyk (POL) crossed in third, while Budzien could only finish tenth to lose the overall lead.

While the conditions were still challenging with major windshifts and pressure changes, Steinhude produced some great sailing conditions with temperatures in the high 20s and with winds gusting to 15 knots during the second race, though again there were times when the wind dropped out and it was a guessing game to pick the right side. There were always some substantial gains and losses to be made, but the favourites almost always made their way toward the front.

Simon Cox (GBR) provided the 'tween race entertainment. Trying to change his mast chocks he managed to fall over the bow as the wind caught the sail and the boat capsized on top of him. He then capsized at least three more times trying to regain his composure. Luckily the water here is so shallow he managed to walk round his boat each time to aid recovery.

OK Dinghy Fleet
©Ania Pawlaczyk

In Blue fleet the first race was a battle between Oliver Gronholz (GER), Jørgen Lindhardtsen (DEN) and Bo Petersen (DEN). It was tight but eventually Lindhardtsen took the bullet from Gronholz and Petersen. The left side was generally proving to be the best, but Jim Hunt (GBR) favoured the right on the first race of the second race to lead at top mark from Petersen and Greg Wilcox (NZL). Hunt and Petersen pulled away and had a tough fight for the whole race, but on the final beat Hunt made a few gains and Wilcox almost caught Petersen before they ran out of race track.

After one more race a discard will also come into effect, which will bring several sailors to the front and set the scene for the gold and silver fleets on Friday and Saturday. The top three are pretty consistent, but in the winds experienced so far with 40 degree shifts and 10 knots pressure variation across the course anything can happen.

OK Dinghy Fleet
©Ania Pawlaczyk

On Wednesday evening the sailors were ferried in open boats to Wilhelmstein Island, a picturesque island in the middle of Steinhuder Meer that was formerly a fortress and a refuge for the citizens of Steinhude in times of seige. The sailors enjoyed a fabulous dinner with the lake lapping at the island's shores. Numerous sailors tried to circumnavigate the island on foot, perhaps encouraged by the copious volumes of free beer supplied by the event organisers. Most returned safely, though the walk only lasted about five minutes. It is not a large island.
Racing continues Thursday from 12.00, with a similar forecast to the past two days.
Ten races are scheduled for the European Championship from Tuesday 22 July to Saturday 26 July. On the first day, the fleets will be split into two starts based on the latest OK Dinghy World Ranking list, and adjusted each day thereafter based on the overall positions at the end of each day. On the fourth and fifth days, the fleet will be split into gold and silver fleets. The warning signal for racing is scheduled for 12.00 each day.

24.7. Jørgen Svendsen new leader at OK Dinghy Europeans as Steinhude turns it up

OK Dinghy Fleet

Jørgen Svendsen (DEN) has taken a three point lead at the OK Dinghy European Championship in Steinhude, Germany after two race wins as the winds peaked out at 26 knots on a tough day for the fleet. André Budzien (GER) is still in second with defending champion Bo Petersen (DEN) down to third.

Just when the OK Dinghy fleet thought it couldn't get any better, Steinhude turned it up again. The forecast 12-15 knots turned into 15-20 knots at the end of the first race and then increased further for the start of race two. The sun was also out for most of the day for a near perfect day's sailing. Of course it was still as shifty as ever and the short, steep chop tested the stamina of the sailors with more than a few going for an unscheduled swim/walk in the shallow waters of the lake.

OK Dinghy Fleet

Defending champion Bo Petersen (DEN) dominated race 5 in the Yellow fleet, rounding the top mark just behind Paweł Pawlaczyk (POL). Petersen was leading by the gybe mark and extended for an easy win. Will Turner (GBR) occupied second for much of the race, though he was almost caught by Robert Deaves (GBR) who crossed third, after defending from Pawlaczyk in a very close fourth. Petersen pulled out of race 6 with a broken kicker on the first reach and the battle at the front was beween Pawlaczyk, Oliver Gronholz (GER) and early leader Gunter Arndt (GER). With the wind now well over 20 knots it was a gruelling race with spectacular downwinds. On the final beat Gronholz went slightly further to the left and crossed back to win from Arndt who went right and Pawlaczyk, who was more in the middle.

OK Dinghy Fleet

The Blue fleet was great preparation for the gold fleet racing starting tomorrow with most of the favourites racing each other at the front. Jim Hunt (GBR) led race 5 from Greg Wilcox (NZL) and André Budzien (GER). Along with Jørgen Svendsen (DEN) and Jørgen Lindhardtsen (DEN) they sailed their own race ahead of the pack, always very close. On the final upwind Svendsen and Budzien took a risk on the right and came back on a 40 degree shift for first and second while Hunt took third. The same five were at the front in race 6, with Hunt again leading for much of the race. However he got stuck on the downwind and passed by Svendsen. All five finished within 10 boatlengths with Svendsen taking his second bullet of the day from Budzien and Lindhardtsen.

The fleet is now split into Gold and Silver fleets for the remaining four races over Friday and Saturday. Svendsen has a three point lead, while just 27 points separate the top 10, so there is still plenty of racing to come. Five of the top 10 are already discarding a high or letter score, so there could be some movement if they are not too careful. There are also only four points from 10th to 15th which should produce an exciting conclusion.

OK Dinghy Fleet

This championship has highlighted the diversity within the class. For example there are seven women competing this year, probably a record for a major OK Dinghy class championship. The highest placed is Juliane Hofmann (GER) in 51st place and in the Gold fleet. She is also the new secretary of OKDIA. There are also three aged, all wooden boats, including spars, competing, often mixing it with modern boats and rigs. Though likened to pieces of furniture by those sailors they have overtaken, they remain reasonably competitive in the right conditions and the right hands. It can be rather disconcerting to find yourself behind a dinghy built before you were born, as many have found out this week. The sailors here range from 17 to 72 and every age in between and from 60kg to 120kg. If the OK Dinghy is one thing is it inclusive.

As this goes out Steinhude is recovering from a massive storm which flooded the boat park and camping areas. It is still and very quiet apart from another free banquet in the tent by the lake, with a band providing entertainent. The forecast for the coming days suggests not a lot of wind, but every day so far there has been more than has been forecast. Racing continues Friday from 12.00.

25.7. Correct forecast for no racing on fourth day at OK Dinghy Europeans

The forecast for Day 4 at the OK Dinghy European Championship on Steinhuder Meer in Germany was for rain and a reducing wind. Soon after the Gold fleet set off, the rain stopped and the wind died. The fleet waited afloat for two hours and ashore for three hours but racing was finally abandoned for the day just before 1800.

For the record, Bo Petersen (DEN) was leading on the right and Martin von Zimmermann (GER) on the left but the wind had dropped from 7-8 knots just before the start to 1-2 knots and was swinging wildly when the race officer decided to abandon half way up the first beat. Soon after the abandonedment was signalled the wind dropped out completely and the fleet was towed back to the harbour.

On Saturday, the last day of racing, the first start has been brought forward to 10.00, to make the best of the forecast wind, which even then is only 5-6 knots. A maximum of two races will be sailed, though to get even one in is being considered ambitious. The fleet will have to see what the new day brings.

Someone once said that the OK Dinghy fleet has a social competence far exceeding any other class. The 110 sailors here in Steinhude have been proving that statement right all week. Most of the fleet have drunk more free beer and eaten more free food than was covered by the entry fee alone. Of course it is not free but thanks to the huge number of sponsors that have got on board to support this fabulous week by a beautiful German lake.

At the dinner on Thursday evening, every sailor was given a tombola prize, donated by sponsors, including toestraps, bags, ropes, buoyancy aids, etc. Following that, the band, which induced sailor Peter Stephan (GER), entertained the sailors late into the night. Earlier, on the camp site, Rod Andrew (BEL) had entranced the sailors with his superb renditions of modern classics with his guitar and blues voice. Every day, breakfast is provided in the tent, beer and snacks are consumed on the grass after sailing and a dinner is served in the evening in the tent. All this has been included in the EUR 200 entry fee. The OK Dinghy class is famous for this kind of social responsibility.

26.7. Jørgen Svendsen wins OK Dinghy Europeans in Steinhude after no wind on final day

OK Dinghy Europeans Prize Giving
©Robert Deaves

Jørgen Svendsen (DEN) is the new OK Dinghy European Champion after all racing was cancelled on the final day as the find failed to appear for the second day in a row. André Budzien (GER) took the silver while defending champion Bo Petersen (DEN) had to settle for the bronze.

The forecast was never that encouraging for the final day on Steinhuder Meer in Germany. It had rained almost non-stop for the previous 36 hours, and it finally abated early Saturday morning. As the sailors rose from their slumber the lake was shrouded in a low mist with barely a breath of wind breaking the surface. Breakfast started at 7.00 to allow a start to be made at 10.00. However, though the visibility improved, the wind did not and the hours ticked away with AP flying. Eventually the sun came out and the sailors could dry out, though some started on the beer rather early as there seemed little prospect of racing. Finally at 14.00 the race officer came ashore and put everyone out of their misery and the task of packing up could begin in earnest.

OK Dinghy Europeans Prize Giving
©Robert Deaves

Svendsen's win, and Petersen's failure to retain it, continues the curse of the OK Dinghy European title. No one has ever successfully defended the European title in this class. In fact no sailor has ever won it twice. Svendsen has won several Danish titles, and was ranked No.1 in the world in the OK Dinghy last year, but this is his first major international title, and it was perhaps a long time coming. He won four out of the six race sailed, but ironically never sailed against the defending champion due to none of the gold/silver fleet races being sailed.

In contrast he did beat second placed Budzien several times, including the two important race wins on Thursday in what many sailors acknowledge was the best racing they have done all year. Budzien, of course is better known as a multiple Finn Masters World Champion, but also won the OK Dinghy World title in 2012.

Defending champion Petersen sailed an impressive series, and but for gear failure on Thursday would probably have taken silver. He has only been in the class for two years, but is always challenging the front of the fleet, especially in lighter winds.

OK Dinghy Europeans Prize Giving
©Robert Deaves

It has been a memorable event, not least because of the hospitality of the two host clubs, Segler-Verein Großenheidorn and Yachtclub Steinhuder Meer and the organisational prowess of Ralf 'Ossi' Tietje (GER) who has worked tirelessly for the last two years to bring it all together and received a standing ovation at the closing ceremony tonight. The Germans are famous for their hospitality but this year it has far exceeded everyone's expectations. The 110 sailors who arrived in Steinhude have had a fabulous time, and leave with some great memories of close racing, great friendships, new and old, and probably far too much beer. The word is that 1,200 litres have been consumed this week.

However, not content with organising the perfect event, the hosts also organised the most lavish prizegiving probably ever seen in the fleet. Every sailor was given an embroidered towel and framed photo of themselves sailing. The top 20 received engraved glass decanters, and the top 3 were filled with whiskey.

OK Dinghy Europeans Prize Giving
©Robert Deaves

Svendsen's summed up the feelings of the sailors after taking his first international title. “I feel that we had three good days racing. Light winds the first day, medium wind on the second and a lot of wind on the third. All kinds of conditions. I especially enjoyed day 2 when my son and I were best but the one I will remember the best was day 3. It was fantastic. I was in the fleet with all the favourites and it was so close we had a very good fight and all the top sailors were very friendly to each other and we actually spoke and joked when we turned marks and mostly it was 'good luck' on the next leg. I was also very glad to meet Jim Hunt. He is an amazing sailor but most of all he was a very good sportsman.”

“The arrangements here have just been fantastic, from the breakfasts, evening meals to the help getting off the water when we are all tired. Thanks to everyone for all the effort and the sailors for coming.”

There is now just six months to the next OK Dinghy major championship. The 2014 World Championship will take place in Melbourne, Australia just after Christmas.

European Championship Results
1DEN-1427Jørgen SvendsenHS13131117,00
2GER-789André BudzienSYC321102210,00
3DEN-1431Bo PetersenHS15321DNC12,00
4GER-772Oliver GronholzSSC212275117,00
5POL-14Paweł PawlaczykJKWP233434317,00
6NZL-544Greg WilcoxPSV51736520,00
7GBR-2162Jim HuntBSC4OCS913421,00
8DEN-1420Jørgen LindhardtsenHS258184324,00
9DEN-1393René Sarabia JohannsenVSK830549430,00
10GBR-2169Will TurnerDSC8148102634,00
11POL-31Antoni PawlowskiAZS923756835,00
12POL-1Tomasz GajMOS-21616158636,00
13GER-693Martin von ZimmermannSCOe2OCS6614836,00
14GBR-2156Robert DeavesWSC18911113539,00
15GBR-2167Lee ChildDSC7375165740,00
16DEN-427Frederik Svendsen33822122443,00
17POL-4Radoslaw DrozdzikLGT177413191455,00
18GER-777Andreas PichLYC64161614DNC56,00
19GER-740Gunter ArndtFYCOCS21111212258,00
20GER-731Thomas GlasSSC1312106171958,00
21DEN-1410Jens LaugeHS1513818101258,00
22GER-771Ralf MackmannSCH126179152259,00
23GBR-2160Alex ScolesOSSC72332772265,00
24NZL-54Peter MilneBRYC201624482068,00
25GER-765Rainer PospiechYCBG4153919171671,00
26GER-778Sönke BehrensSCOe157282913972,00
27GBR-2141Simon DavisUTSC5031211133978,00
28GER-695Erik BorkSSCRa9211317272181,00
29GER-775Jörg RademacherSCSt35102320181081,00
30GBR-2145Tony WoodsGSC392320822982,00
31DEN-1421Jesper StrandbergHSS11152114242585,00
32GBR-2158John BallBSC2284326161587,00
33GER-750Dirk DameSVM3030177201791,00
34SWE-2804Per JaennssonSSV552730292692,00
35GBR-2154Simon CowoodNSC4128913222092,00
36GER-787Ralf TietjeSVG28361919161193,00
37SWE-2810Johannes DagerbrantUSS1946352071596,00
38DEN-1354Peter HeideSSS14241034153897,00
39GBR-2151Simon CoxWSC2744524321198,00
40GBR-2084Keith ByersMHYC18281223192799,00
41GBR-2142Ian HarrisBCYC46432022117103,00
42POL-7Marek BernatKKSWO491819183018103,00
43DEN-1315Bo Reker AndersenHS2526181520DNC104,00
44SWE-2796Bengt Larsson SSKaparen29RET18142519105,00
45GER-769Volker PaatzSVB311014174534106,00
46GER-762André HenningsCKADNCDNC265910110,00
47DEN-1407Malte PedersenRYCS48916462316110,00
48GER-727Frank StrelowWSVRh114214253526111,00
49GER-726Jörg SylvesterSSC171921373024111,00
50GBR-2147Tom LonsdaleWOSC162723322125112,00
51GER-767Juliane HofmannPSV27242592839113,00
52DEN-1335Mogens JohansenSSSK263536271114113,00
53SWE-2741Ulf DagerbrantUSS332715382417116,00
54SWE-2803Mårten BernesandSSV452933212312118,00
55POL-19Grzegorz SalamonHORN212013433336123,00
56GER-607Christian HeinzeSCV106324435DNS127,00
57GER-735Dirk GerickeSGE101139413829127,00
58GER-755Yves KaminskiSVEW292527222727128,00
59GER-643Jürgen IllersSCO221931393130133,00
60GBR-2163Gavin WaldronMHYC374729391813136,00
61GER-757Falk HagemannSWS301730314128136,00
62SWE-2790Ulf SahleGeSS262552472118137,00
63GBR-2123Andy TurnerOSSC64753352923140,00
64GER-774Michael WolfSSCP241332373934140,00
65FRA-1823Guillaume De KervenoaelABCV205044123728141,00
66GER-606Katharina HußSCFr123522383935142,00
67GER-761Stefan RassauDYC231831DNC3635143,00
68POL-58Michal GajFIRW40DSQ24212830143,00
69GER-715Sven BeyeSSC515326451013145,00
70GER-665Peter StephanSCSt342241263132145,00
71GER-766Gunnar GoronziSCSt241754403829148,00
72BEL-220Ronny PoelmanKLYC373138332623150,00
73GER-642Claus StockhardtSSCP133242344032151,00
74GER-788Kai NickelkoppeSCS14OCS152834DNS151,00
75DEN-1396Stig FrandsenKB3214373632DNS151,00
76GER-662Gerd BreitbartSCOe441634254733152,00
77GER-697Jörg PosnySCSt343422294236155,00
78GER-690Carsten SaßZSK364145322621156,00
79SWE-2788Magnus GillgrenGeSS3133442334DNS165,00
80GER-567Jan BeckmannSVPb3920352448DNS166,00
81NZL-553Finn GheuryDWSC38OCS28283637167,00
82POL-21Waldemar CzyzHORN364440362533170,00
83GER-783Karsten KathSVN474030423331176,00
84BEL-214Paul VerrijdtKLYC404234314131177,00
85GER-688Ronald FoestDRS284037334341179,00
86DEN-1324Nicklas HeideSSS421143544443183,00
87GER-748Wilhelm KathSVN2145363546DNC183,00
88POL-201Darius HeinemannAZS523929304640184,00
89GER-640Sven MarchotSGSP193646504440185,00
90GBR-2139Kenneth CarrollAWSC3337414037DNS188,00
91GBR-2155Robert BourneURYC4239254440DNS190,00
92GER-633Cornelia WirbeleitSWS413438424544199,00
93GER-576Ute WitkeBSC3822405248DNS200,00
94FRA-1820Raymond DodardAVA482952494742215,00
95GBR-2080Paul PikeCSC324846515242219,00
96GER-649Kai WehmhörnerSSCRa4532514151DNS220,00
97BEL-151Paul BoutsRYCM35334946DNCDNC223,00
98BEL-203Joost RommelaereKLYC524151524238224,00
99GER-539Uli BorchersSCSt4338474949DNS226,00
100GER-653Susanne MackmannSCSt44265047DNFDNS227,00
101GER-651Heinz RidderSVPb49494745DNF37227,00
102DEN-1432Ralph EriksenSB4343484849DNS231,00
103GER-630Norbert PetrauschTSVS514450535141237,00
104POL-1361Zbigniew DryznerJKK46484243DNFDNS239,00
105NED-638Robert BanckenWVB5045535143DNS242,00
106GER-734Jessica FinkeSKM4746555350DNS251,00
107BEL-1Rod AndrewSNEH5352495050DNS254,00
108GER-749Jens WehmeierSGH 197854514848DNFDNC261,00
109FRA-1053Francois PodevynCVD5349545553DNS264,00
110BEL-29Johanna Andrew-BeckerSNEH55DNCDNC5452DNS281,00
111DEN-1369Christian HedlundHSDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC300,00
111POL-10Janusz StobinskiAZSDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC300,00
111POL-40Robert SwieckiMOS-2DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC300,00
111SWE-2775Johnny BillströmSSVDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC300,00
111POL-333Mieczyslaw PoplonykAZSDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC300,00
European Championship Gear List
1Jørgen SvendsenDEN 1427 IcebreakerIcebreaker Boats (NZ)C Tech Green
2André BudzienGER 789SOTAStrandberg (DEN)PataGreen
3Bo PetersenDEN 1431SOTAStrandberg (DEN)C Tech Green
4Oliver GronholzGER 772KrausKraus (GER)C Tech Green
5Paweł PawlowskiPOL 14IcebreakerBumblebee (POL)C Tech Green
6Greg WilcoxNZL 544IcebreakerIcebreaker Boats (NZ)C Tech Turtle
7Jim HuntGBR 2162IcebreakerIdol (UK)AardsparHD
8Jørgen LindhardsenDEN 1420SOTAHedlund (DEN)C Tech Green
9René Sarabia JohansenDEN 1393IcebreakerIcebreaker Boats NZC Tech Green
10Will TurnerGBR 2169IcebreakerIdol (UK)C Tech HD