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Belgium, Results 2000

May 5th

Source: Victor Abbeloos

PosNameClubSail NoR1R2R3R4R5Tot
1Lesure MichelYC Luxembourg Lux 1611215,0
2Jamar StevenVVW SirB203522138,0
3Abbeloos VicKLYCBEL2057433212,0
4Claessens JosKLYCB162344DNS13,0
5Baeten ValentinSirocco1761867418,0
6De Bondt PieterKLYC1103786521,0
7Aerts KatrienVVW SirB1448555823,0
8Jamar BirgitVVW Sir1524699726,0
9Verrijdt PaulVVW Sir141DNSDNS78631,0

April 30: Sodipa, Galgenweel

Source: Victor Abbeloos

PosSail NoNameClubR1R2R3R4Tot
1BEL 03Alex SchoenmakersKLYC11110
2BEL 128Frank Van RoyKLYC332211,7
3BEL 207Gwyn HagenaersSRNA457323,7
4BEL 2004Kris LauwersKLYC22DNCDNC24
5BEL 205Vic AbbeloosKLYC674427,7
6BEL 77Andre DeboeureSODIPA783630,4
7LUX 4Steven JamarVVW Sirocco548832
8BEL 66Jos ClaessensKLYC866533,4
9BEL 165Christophe ColleKLYCDNC95738
10BEL 110Pierre De BondtKLYC9109945
11BEL 141Paul VerrydtVVW Sirocco1011PMS1049

March 26: Nuclea, Mol

Source: Victor Abbeloos

PosSail NoNameClubR1R2R3R4Tot
1BEL 44Bart BomansKLYC11110
2BEL 1Rod AndrewSNEH223411,7
3BEL 208Franz HawerKLYC462214
4BEL 56Joris ClaesKLYC335DNF21,4
5LUX 4Steven JamarVVW Sirocco554323,7
6BEL 205Vic AbbeloosKLYC74DNF531
7BEL 165Christophe ColleKLYC686DNS37,4
8BEL 66Jos ClaessensKLYC877DNS40
9BEL 110Pierre De BondtKLYC999DNS45
10BEL 141Paul VerrydtVVW Sirocco11118DNS48
11BEL 29Jo KreuzingerSNEH1010DNFDNS49

March 5th, KLYC, Galgenweel

Only the first series was sailed.
The second one, on Sunday, was cancelled due to lack of wind (really unfortunate : for the first time in years we had 15 Belgian OKs on the water ...) and will probably be re-organised in September.

PosSail NoNameClubR1R2R3R4Tot
1BEL 44Bart BomansKLYC111DNC0
2BEL 128Frank Van RoyKLYC22216
3BEL 208Franz HawerKLYC344216,7
4BEL 1Rod AndrewSNEH433DNC19,4
5BEL 205Vic AbbeloosKLYC555325,7
6BEL 29Jo KreuzingerSNEH866431,4
7BEL 66Jos ClaessesnsKLYC6RETDNCDNC43,7
8BEL 141Paul VerrydtVVW Sirocco97DNCDNC44
9BEL 110Pierre De BondtKLYC7RETDNCDNC45